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Run With My Heart

So I was reading a book and thinking more and more about my first 5K Running Race on Saturday (I have done a Muddy Buddy, which is 5K, but that has its OWN distinction….trust me). Let me mention, this just isn’t my first 5K, this is my first race…EVER!! I was a sprinter in high school and college, so I have had to re-teach myself how to run. For those that don’t know, running, as a sprinter is 180 degrees different than running as a distance runner. I still have my track shoes (spikes) from high school. I have never thrown them away. For some reason, they are inspiring to me. They remind me of that feeling I used to get during the 100 meter dash. There was this moment of pure clarity, where my entire body worked as one with my instinct; legs pushing their limit in-between heartbeats. I never heard the crowd until I crossed the finish line. I never heard anything while I was running it. No voice of doubt, no voice questioning decisions I made, no voice ridiculing me, just blessed, blis…

I don't just want to raise good children...I want to raise good well adjusted adults!

So during my normal insomnia, I often think about how I am raising my daughters. I then realized that I have NO CONTROL over what life hands them. The only thing I can do is provide them the skills and encouragement to handle the curve balls, pitfalls, and many unexpectedness that life will throw at them.

I don't let them win all of the time because how one handle defeat is a TRUE statement of the quality of person they are. When they do win, I make sure they aren't taunting each other. I try and make sure things like "Please", "Thank you" were commonly said AND heard, from the moment they could understand.

I like to laugh with them. I want them to know happiness from life itself, not from objects. I discipline them because I want them to understand right from wrong, and because I am their parent, not trying to be their friend.

Like when we first dated, I open doors for my wife. Randomly give her gifts, cards, flowers, make her breakfast in bed, etc, because I…