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Warrior Dash 2011 Write Up

The day started fairly early for us…we left Louisville, KY at 3:30AM, the girls and eventually my wife all fast asleep in the van. They were sacrificing a whole day to support me, then the LEAST I could do is drive!

We made pretty good time and parked fairly quickly (Red Frog Events runs a VERY organized event, I must say). Then I donned my outfit (hence the “before” pic lol) and we walked to the shuttle which took myself and other would-be warriors and our support teams to the field of battle!

We got there and walked towards the tents and music playing, and I started getting excited!! Immediately, I heard someone yell, “Corey”, and it was Mike from Daily Mile, and his wife Megan. He said he knew to look for the Superman Kilt LOL. Let me say, he and his wife were two of the NICEST people I have ever met! Plus she got to run the Warrior Dash, and my wife and I were so excited for her!! Then, as we headed over to Packet Pick-up, I saw our friend Melodie (also from Daily Mile), and her a…

Success is Much More Honest, Than Failure…

Today is Thursday, and I am in the midst of an AMAZING week! Yesterday, our oldest Daughter, my Super Princess, graduated Kindergarten. During these moments, I find myself not as much proud of them, as I am happy in the pride they have for themselves. Same thing I feel when I watch them race. I am happier that they are proud of themselves, because I think that is the building blocks for keeping a positive attitude.

Tomorrow, Damary and I have our normal Baby Check-Up. These always touch my soul…yes, child #3, and I have never missed an appointment, and still get excited. In a few short months, our family will expand, and I am so excited (although, between my lovely wife and daughters, I am not sure how much time I will get with Baby Q when she gets here..seriously, we will need to have some sort of lottery, because everyone is claiming time now, like Baby Q is a Time Share lol).

Sunday is Warrior Dash. I am excited for this, but my focus this week is on everything before it. Although I …