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My Write Up of the Rodes City Run 10k; the Second Leg of the Louisville Triple Crown

(The Rodes City Run 10K)

Well, this was another race, coming straight after working a 12 hour shift. So the first thing I noticed was that the weather was going to be OUTSTANDING! It was around 60 degrees with a slight cooler wind, which as a runner, means your body temp will basically be regulated by Mother Nature. This was also going to be a first in my Running Career: Damary and the Girls would not be there to see me off, or cheer for me at the Finish Line. So on top of being tired from a UNUSUALLY busy night at work, I was shook from being so completely out of my normal pre-race routine of hugs and kisses from the people that mean the most.

(This is the sign my friend made...notice my name in there??)
So I parked and walked to the start, and did the bathroom thing (I stayed hydrated at work) and texted a friend I knew who was leading a prayer group, to try and meet up with her. Before I found her, a running friend of mine found me and he and I said Hi and tried to calm each other…

My Write Up of the Anthem 5k; the First Leg of the Louisville Triple Crown

Here is my obligatory Race Bib And Race Shirt Pic

Hello Everyone!

So here I am, a year removed from running my first Triple Crown..Lining up at the Starting Line to run my second Louisville Triple Crown of Running, starting with the Anthem 5K. Last year's Anthem 5K still remains my best 5K time (32:37), both my Personal Record (P.R.) and Personal Best (P.B.).

I had a couple of things going on in my of them is that this time around, as I close in on my 2nd Anniversary as a Runner, I work 3rd shift, and have a newborn. My training 95% of the time occurs on no sleep, with another 3% occurring with little sleep. The other thing that was prominent on my mind is that all three Triple Crown Races will occur with me coming straight off a 12 hour shift, so no sleep.

So I took the shift Friday Night/Saturday Morning to get my mind and body ready and sharp as much as I could. I stayed hydrated (a glass of water every hour of work) and during my lunch and breaks, I watched &quo…