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LSC Half Marathon Write-Up

So let me tell you had the day had started...I worked Friday night from 7p-7a Saturday morning and came home to shower and change and went to line up to start the Louisville Sports Commission Half Marathon. So I had plan...since I knew I wouldn't get any sleep before the race, I adjusted to make sure I stayed hydrated. I drank a bottle of water every hour, while at work.

I parked near the finish line and walked to the starting line and as I was getting in line near the back of the pack, I heard "Hey Superman!" and a couple of different times I met some wonderful people who had read my postings on the Race's Facebook page. It was both and honor and a treat to meet them..and they were so incredibly kind. I also saw another good friend with her friends and we had a hearty discussion about bourbon (Hi Jen!!) While waiting, a couple of neat things happened: One they played "My Ol' Kentucky Home" while waiting at the start...which is ABSOLUTELY cool. And then…

Big Hit Half Maraton Wrap-Up

There is a picture of me crossing the finish line for my first Half Marathon...yes, I completed my first Marathon before completing my first Half Marathon lol.

So the day before the race, Damary and I realized it would be way too cold for her and the girls to just be waiting outside for me, so for the first time, in my racing career, I would go by myself, and meet up with my family at the finish line....which the finish line is Home Plate at Louisville Slugger frakkin cool is THAT?!?!?

Well, let's fast forward to waiting at the starting line. I wore sweat pants with the sole intent of taking them off and throwing them away at the start of the race, but it WAS 30 DEGREES!!! So the sweats would stay on throughout the entire race. I ran into a wonderful dear friend of mine and we waited for the race to start. And soon we were off...

I must admit, Louisville is my hometown, it was where I spent the first 18 years of my life, but this route makes you become a tourist in the m…