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Q is coming :)

So Damary and I had our OG/Gyn appointment, this past Monday. We have been so nervous/scared/excited about this appointment, since Damary made it.

See, we have known she was pregnant for about 5 weeks now, but because of the emotional toll losing 3Bird took, we didn’t say ANYTHING to anyone. That, I personally thought, wasn’t too difficult. Yes, we cancelled some trips we had planned, and some get togethers we had scheduled, simply due to safety concerns. But for me the hardest part was keeping it from the girls. Since losing 3Bird, when we say our nightly prayers, the girls added that they “hope God puts a baby back in Mami’s belly”. This has all but broken my heart. I felt like I let them down on the highest level.

So Sunday night came, and like the dugout when it is the 8th inning, and the pitcher has thrown a no-hitter so far, we didn’t really talk about the appointment the next morning. We pretty much danced around it, but both of us knew how each other felt.

Monday morning came, an…