Q is coming :)

So Damary and I had our OG/Gyn appointment, this past Monday. We have been so nervous/scared/excited about this appointment, since Damary made it.

See, we have known she was pregnant for about 5 weeks now, but because of the emotional toll losing 3Bird took, we didn’t say ANYTHING to anyone. That, I personally thought, wasn’t too difficult. Yes, we cancelled some trips we had planned, and some get togethers we had scheduled, simply due to safety concerns. But for me the hardest part was keeping it from the girls. Since losing 3Bird, when we say our nightly prayers, the girls added that they “hope God puts a baby back in Mami’s belly”. This has all but broken my heart. I felt like I let them down on the highest level.

So Sunday night came, and like the dugout when it is the 8th inning, and the pitcher has thrown a no-hitter so far, we didn’t really talk about the appointment the next morning. We pretty much danced around it, but both of us knew how each other felt.

Monday morning came, and we dropped the girls off, and headed to the appointment. We figured we would be there only for a few, and then head into work. It was an all day scenario.

Now first I will say, I was BLOWN AWAY with the staff at the OB/Gyn’s office. Every tech, assistant, and the Doc herself greeted us by saying “Congratulations” and how happy they know we must be, considering the last time they saw us. It was heartfelt and genuine, and eased my troubled mind.

Fast forward to the end of the day, as we waited for the Ultrasound. Well, I recognized the chair I sat in the last time I was in this room…where there showed no heartbeat in 3Bird (I just got teary typing that). I couldn’t sit in that chair. I am not a superstitious person, but I just couldn’t be in the chair. The tech sensed that and invited me over, and made room for me, which again was touching. And like someone flipped the light switch in a room that has been dark for too long, I saw Q…more importantly, I saw the flittering of a strong heart. Damary and I were holding hands at this point and the smiles we shared were BEAMING….I’m still wearing that smile.

The tech gave us the pictures, and we were soon on our way.

We were so happy, and to be honest because of this unusual circumstance, we weren’t really sure how to tell everyone. Yes in today’s social networking world, making an announcement seemed difficult. Should we tell certain people first, should we just make it a status on our Facebook, Twitter, or Daily Mile pages? In the end, we sort of whimpered into announcing Q, not because we weren’t proud or excited, or wanted to slight anyone, but simply because we just wanted everyone to share in our happiness of the moment. Not to start of any congratulations with something about losing 3Bird. We wanted that moment to be Q’s, and Q’s alone.

The best part of the whole experience was telling the girls. Now they have added onto our nightly prayers that that hope “the baby is a boy and a girl” ….yes, they want one of each LOL. The girls have changed their minds in who gets their own room and who gets to share with Q. Each, of course wanting the other to have their own room, they want a room with Q. Ayanna and Annabelle have told me how they want to help feed Q and change diapers. They get such a big kick when we show them the app on our phones (yes, there IS an app for that!!) that has the standard pics of what the baby is developing like. They REALLY love when I use the cursor on the computer to show the Q’s eyes, head and heart in the ultrasound pics.

So 2011 is ALREADY shaping up better than I could have even prayed for. Here is a quick overview of my life for the next few months: February: The first leg of the Louisville Triple Crown, the Anthem 5K; then in March, the other two legs of the Triple Crown: The Rodes City 10K and the Papa John 10 Miler. Then in April, we have the ultrasound to (hopefully) see if Q is a boy or a girl, then I celebrate my 1st Anniversary as a runner with running my 1st Marathon, The Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon. Then I will be doing the Warrior Dash in June, in Ohio. Then in August, we’ll have our oldest starting 1st Grade, our Middle (hee hee…can’t believe I can say that lol) starting Kindergarten, and our youngest starting out taking his/her first breath in this world. I am sure I shall shed MANY rivers of tears in blissful happiness.

Thank you to everyone for the heart warming outpouring of love and congratulations on the news of Q. It has meant the world to me.

Thank you to my beautiful wife who had the strength and courage to want to try again after losing 3Bird. You are my hero and I love and cherish you!

-Until The Wheels Fall Off


  1. Congratulations to you and your family. All the best as you wait for Q's arrival.

  2. awwwwwww! yay!!!!!!!
    congrats on baby Q!!!!!
    heres to an uneventful,healthy pregnancy for Q and mommy!!!!!
    i know this is very exciting news and no doubts 2011 will be a great year for you and your family!!!

  3. Fabulous news! I've been down that sad road twice, and it's a hard hurdle to overcome. A new life helps. Peace & Love to you and the family!

  4. having experienced exactly what you are going through, i teared up through this entire post. the mix of emotions is evident, and i remember them well. i wish you all the best and cannot wait to hear about your journey!

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