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My Review of EA SPORTS Active, or, How An Elastic Band and A Leg Strap Have Brought Sexy Back

I must start by giving props to Mommy Brain for inspiring me to write this blog

So on May 19th, my wife and I got the EA SPORTS Active for the Wii, because of the many reviews, and we were/are both ready for a positive change.

We have the Wii Fit, but the one knock is that there really is no substial guidance on a complete workout, or what days to do what, etc. (A Brotha can still get his Hula Hoop on though...1500+ on the 10 minute set, top that!!)

From the MOMENT we fired up the Wii and started EA SPORTS Active, it was brilliantly clear that this was going to be different. From the customization of your person (I choose to design someone with the body I want, as motivation), to the intro video of Bob Greene (apparently, he's on Oprah a lot?? Before you laugh, I can count the number of times I've ever watched Oprah on one finger....and that would be in "The Color Purple"!!). Once you put your stats up, every workout is personally customized to your goals, and needs.

I w…

My first Fatherverse Blog

Hello All Dads and all who love Dads!!

This is my first blog. I created this site, because on Twitter, I had made some good friends who run great Mom sites (like Momspective, DawnCullo, Jen The Army Wife, and Hollywood Mom just to name a few), I realized that there are many Dads like myself that don't really have our own virtual lounge to hang in. A place where, if you aren't a Dad, but want a glimpse into our psyche (Always wanted to know but were afraid to ask), please come here. I want this to be interactive. So if you are reading this, please pass this along to a Dad, and please leave comments. This blog site, like me, is ALWAYS a work in quote Tupac, who paraphrased the Bible: "If I upset you, don't stress, God isn't through with me yet".

OK, so I thought I would make my first blog about those most tense moments of being a Dad. Those moments where you are playing everything so tight, that it's transparent. Where you are balancing (litera…