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Here Is My List Of Things My Gender Can Do, To Make Our Spouse/Girlfriends Feel Loved and A Little Less Stressed:

In My Own Humble Opinion:

Ok, so it is no secret I have many female friends and over the years of being blessed to be married to Damary, I often hear my wonderful female friends (and some of the guys) ask me why I am so determined to make my wife happy. The short answer is simple: A happy spouse means a happy home, which means a happy life. The long answer involves some more time (maybe for a blog later).

But the point of this blog post is a bit more interactive. Hopefully it inspires conversations, and PLEASE feel free to add any that I many have missed. I, first handedly, admit I am not all-knowing.

All of that being said: Ladies, read and cheer along. Guys, if you are doing most of these, and your woman is still complaining?? It ain’t you, it’s her 

1. Do it BEFORE you talk about it. Cleaning, laundry, picking up clothes, yard work, taking the kids out for a while, etc. Don’t talk about what you are going to do before. Simply do it, UNINTIATED, and afterwards, go on about your busines…