Here Is My List Of Things My Gender Can Do, To Make Our Spouse/Girlfriends Feel Loved and A Little Less Stressed:

In My Own Humble Opinion:

Ok, so it is no secret I have many female friends and over the years of being blessed to be married to Damary, I often hear my wonderful female friends (and some of the guys) ask me why I am so determined to make my wife happy. The short answer is simple: A happy spouse means a happy home, which means a happy life. The long answer involves some more time (maybe for a blog later).

But the point of this blog post is a bit more interactive. Hopefully it inspires conversations, and PLEASE feel free to add any that I many have missed. I, first handedly, admit I am not all-knowing.

All of that being said: Ladies, read and cheer along. Guys, if you are doing most of these, and your woman is still complaining?? It ain’t you, it’s her 

1. Do it BEFORE you talk about it. Cleaning, laundry, picking up clothes, yard work, taking the kids out for a while, etc. Don’t talk about what you are going to do before. Simply do it, UNINTIATED, and afterwards, go on about your business like you are not waiting for her to see what you have done. Act like a man, not a boy looking for approval.
2. Never leave your wife/girlfriend (even if going to the store) without saying, “I Love You”. You are not God; you have NO CLUE when those will be the last words to her. However long it takes to make sure you say it, is exponentially smaller than a lifetime of regret.
3. If sports is your thing, and you can list the MVP of the Championship series from when you were 6, you should be able to easily recall, your first date, your first kiss, the first time you told her you love her, etc.
4. And speaking of, whatever your passion is (watching/playing sports, art, music, bird watching, etc) SHARE it with her PATIENTLY. Ask Damary who taught her the rules of football after so many people she knew who liked it, but never stopped to explain it. Now she enjoys the games and WE SHARE in the fun of watching them.
5. SPONTANEITY! Simple, but how about, just because it is a Tuesday, have flowers sent to her. Or when you know she is sick, slap the “S” on your chest and tuck her in for a nap, and do EVERYTHING in the house and make her soup.
6. Cook, cook, dear God, cook. If you have canned soup, chicken breast, and noodles of any type, you have a gourmet meal., and you can type in your main ingredients and you will have a million easy ideas.
7. We all think our wives/girlfriends are great for some reason or another. Here’s a crazy thought. TELL HER…then TELL EVERYONE!!
8. NEVER, NEVER let her wonder how important she is to you. If she does, or has started too, it’s too late.
9. Give her some space sometimes. It is perfectly natural for a girl’s nite out. I encourage Damary to go out. She can’t miss you if she is always around you.
10. Be old fashioned, but not chauvinistic. Open doors; when walking together on the sidewalk walk on the outside; Pull her chair out for her.
11. If you have kids, however they are treated in their adult relationships is in direct proportion of how you treat your wife/girlfriend. Think of that EVERYTIME you open your mouth and talk to your wife/girlfriend
12. Remember to laugh together. This is very important.
13. PLAN AHEAD: We know when their birthdays are, our anniversaries, etc. It takes a few minutes to plan ahead for these occasions so things aren’t rushed or financially stressful.

Ok, like I said this is not a definitive list, and feel free to comment, criticize, and add to anything I said.

-Until The Wheels Fall Off


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