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My 4th EMDR Treatment and Repressed Memory Issues

Hello True Believers,

     Here is my latest video blog about my 4th EMDR session that was on Thursday. This was filmed last night (Friday). I hope you enjoy it, and feel free to leave comments if you like. Everyone have a blessed day. Tomorrow is my 1st Anniversary of my Stress-Induced Heart Attack, so I will be in a LOT of retrospective thinking.

Stay Good Y'all,


My latest video blog talking about EMDR session #3 and some other things

Hello True Believers!

      Here is my latest video blog post talking about last weeks EMDR session and this weeks EMDR session and I also talk about some repressed memories that have surfaced again.

Much Love,

Corey the Warrior

My Second EMDR Session and More...

Hello True Believers,

     Having that Post-EMDR Feeling (which I explain in the video blog), I decided to video blog, instead of writing, because I could articulate better about the session and everything else. Please enjoy, and feel free to comment!

Much Love Y'all,