My Review of EA SPORTS Active, or, How An Elastic Band and A Leg Strap Have Brought Sexy Back

I must start by giving props to Mommy Brain for inspiring me to write this blog

So on May 19th, my wife and I got the EA SPORTS Active for the Wii, because of the many reviews, and we were/are both ready for a positive change.

We have the Wii Fit, but the one knock is that there really is no substial guidance on a complete workout, or what days to do what, etc. (A Brotha can still get his Hula Hoop on though...1500+ on the 10 minute set, top that!!)

From the MOMENT we fired up the Wii and started EA SPORTS Active, it was brilliantly clear that this was going to be different. From the customization of your person (I choose to design someone with the body I want, as motivation), to the intro video of Bob Greene (apparently, he's on Oprah a lot?? Before you laugh, I can count the number of times I've ever watched Oprah on one finger....and that would be in "The Color Purple"!!). Once you put your stats up, every workout is personally customized to your goals, and needs.

I will advise this, when you get the game, and get it home. Do the 30 Day Challenge before you start doing Custom Workouts. Simply so you can get a feel for all of the workouts, as well as see how your body responds to those workouts.

One of the wonderful things about EA SPORTS Active is that before doing any exercises, you get an intro video to help you. Plus, with the leg strap, your movement is not only tracked, but the fluidity, depth, consistency, the REAL assistance: effort. If you don't lunge deep enough, or jump higher, or get your knees up during the running, or not have your hands in the right position for the triceps curls, or not squat enough for the inline skating, the "encouraging" words will fly LOL. Plus your effort is measured when it is tallying up how well you did for the day, complete with comments.

The journal that you make entries on, will slowly become a daily priority in your life. Not only will you be eager to make sure you enter your activities everyday, but you will find yourself being more active in the day (outside of the EA SPORTS Active) so you have more to enter the next day in your journal. All of that combined, will have you completely engulfing a complete healthy lifestyle change and not even realize it until your clothes start fitting differently and your children start complimenting you on your positive body change (I LOVE that my oldest watched Justice League and see Superman and say I have muscles like ego boost is better than that!!)

The last three HUGE factors of the EA SPORTS Active are: 1) It will never get old or repetitive (my wife and I already know how we'll approach it for the next 6 months, and won't be repeating anything; 2) Time is not an issue, you're committing basically 30 minutes a day, and can do it anytime that is convenient for you, from Early-riser to Insomniac; and 3)Whatever your active level is, it is always challenging (want more resistance, than the band it comes with?? I was at Wal-Mart and saw a resistance band for 7 bucks).

Another nice thing is, it IS Wii Balance Board compatible, but it is not a necessity to have the Wii Balance Board. Personally, I love having the Wii Balance Board to monitor my weight and BMI.

The, purely selfish, reason I am loving this change, is the self-confidence my wife is starting to get back as her body is toning and changing. That is worth ANY price tag.

In case you're wondering, the EA SPORTS Active retails for $59.99, but it has been reported that COSTCO has them for $51. It comes with the EA SPORTS Active game, a resistance band with hand grips/straps, and a leg strap, where the nunchuk will go for most of your workouts. If you don't have this game and are unsure of it....I challenge you to buy it, start the 30 Day Challenge for a week. If this doesn't become a part of your daily life, from the eating habit changes, to the game experience itself, go to your local video game place and trade it in for the next couch-denting experience you want.

Yes, I took a before picture when I started this, and will post it, with an after, once the 30 Days Challenge is up.

If you've purchased the EA SPORTS Active, please let me know your experience. If you're on the fence about it, please fire away with questions.

-Until The Wheels Fall Off


  1. I agree.. the 30 day challenge has been great so far, I'm sore as heck. I love that the guy (you can choose a man or woman PT) says encouraging things when you do an exercise right. And you have a good idea Corey about filling in "off days" with the custom workouts.. very cool! Glad to hear u two are doing this together.. I'm doing it with my son Nate and its easy for him to keep up with too.


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