This is where we are right now.

Hi Everyone…Damary here.

Well it has been an extremely emotional 24 hours for me and the rest of The Queens. I know that some of you have heard part of the story and some have heard nothing and both just have questions.

This is my attempt to try to answer those and to please ask each and every one of you to please have our family and 3Bird in your prayers.

Now onto what happened….

Sunday night around 7pm I noticed I was having some vaginal bleeding. Being that I am only about 5 ½ weeks this was very worrisome and we quickly got the girls and headed to the ER. The first ER stated it would be SEVERAL hours before they could see me. Both Corey and I didn’t feel comfortable waiting that long and we went to a different ER.

At the new ER they saw me within the hour. They took blood and performed an ultrasound. During the ultrasound the tech was not able to locate a heartbeat (which at this point we are still thinking positively because I am still so early). I go back to the room and Corey and I wait for what it seems like forever. The doctor comes in to tell us that we have a “molar pregnancy”. The doctor tells us that he is sorry but that this pregnancy would of never been a viable pregnancy. At this point I felt like my world just came crashing down on me and I started the list of ways that I caused this to happen. Corey just held me and we both cried and started to ask why.

The next step was to be discharged from the ER and follow up with our OB/GYN in the morning to have a D&C performed.

It was a rough night…and in the morning the first words out of Ayanna’s mouth was “Mami what did the doctor say about the baby and your bleeding?” We sat the girls down and explained to them that God took the baby into heaven. They were sad but as kids moved on to their coloring.

I get the appointment and off we go into the OB/GYN, keep in mind at this point we have told our family and close friends that we are no longer pregnant and to please have us in your prayers.

During the ultrasound at the doctor’s office the tech asks if last night in the ER they saw a fetus or saw a heartbeat. I told her no, that they just saw some “molar” formation. The tech then turns the screen and there I see it… a little heart beating…fast…healthy…

We than go back into the waiting room with a ton more questions and new set of crazy emotions and wait for a long while to be called back to see the doctor.

The doctor than tells us that the baby is ok but we are not in the clear. As of right now the baby is developing and is the size it is suppose to be at 5 ½ weeks. The heartbeat is right were it is suppose to be. My pregnancy hormones are at the right levels. The bleeding can be normal and they are not sure what caused it.

For right now there are 3 possible scenarios the doctor gave us:

1. I have just a small blood clot that was moving its way out of my womb and the baby and I will both be fine and make it to full term.

2. I have a cyst, the pregnancy will have to just be watched and I may have some pain.

3.I have a partial molar pregnancy, which means there is a “tumor” like mass that will end up terminating the fetus (cause a miscarriage) on its own or a procedure will have to be performed.

So those are the facts as we have them...we are on day by day basis. I go back on Wednesday to have some blood drawn and check the pregnancy hormones and I than will have another ultrasound in a week by a high risk doctor to see if they can figure out what the “molar” looking like stuff is that is next to the placenta. That will be the routine for at least the next 6 to 7 weeks, with the fact we will go in and wait with, scared, racing thoughts on what the results are….with every ultrasound.

Please keep myself, 3Bird, Corey and the girls in your prayers. I do know that whatever God has planned for us is what will happen. Thank you everyone for all the kinds words and support.


  1. Corey & Damary I want you both to know that I am praying for you all. I know how scary the unknown is. I pray that especially over the next few weeks and months that you will feel the comfort that only God can give in times like these. Rest in Him and He will sustaig you.


    hang in there girl, try to stay as positive as you can!!!

  3. I will most definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Your are a strong woman and have a wonderful and supportive husband. Try to take it easy and know God has a plan for you. God bless and I wish you all the best. Michelle

  4. Oh my goodness... what a roller coaster of emotions you are on... so lifting up prayers for all of you. Try to remember in all of it that God is in control of it all... Stay strong!

  5. Chills as I read and now thoughts and prayers indeed for your family!!


  6. I'm Krissieb - your buddy from DailyMile. I don't know what to say except I've been there. And I know it is terrible. When I was in my darkest days, at home by myself, I felt so alone and I reached out to the internet to find people like me. If you need anything, feel free to shoot me an email. If you're wondering if what you feel is normal, you can find my experience in June of this year at my blog (

    Lots of love and hugs for you all.


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