Podiatrist Follow Up

Well, today was my follow up with my Podiatrist, and I went into it not expecting to leave wearing two shoes:)

I did explain to him about a couple of mornings of walking Jax and forgetting to put my boot on, and how it had been REALLY hurting since then.

He says the Plantar Faciitis isn’t heeling that quickly, but he thinks it is attributed to the possible Heel Fracture. He did some poking and prodding (LOVED THAT…REALLY I DID….still throbbing in pain), and said it also seems like Heel Edema which is fluid buildup…which make sense because of the heel fracture. He ordered an MRI, since he said we had given it long enough for everything to heal, or really start healing. Once he gets the MRI back to see how bad the fracture is determines what happens next.

He said it was no problem with my walks and my cycling and that it is fine (for those who have questioned my sanity on doing them) So I keep doing what I am doing until then.

-Until the Wheels Fall Off

P.S. – Have I mentioned my wife is pregnant?? Hee hee:)


  1. Until the Wheels fall off!!!!
    My Facebook status today can be for you too...
    "Commitment is the enemy of resistance, for it is the serious promise to press on, to get up, no matter how many times you are knocked down."
    Your final victory will be all the more sweeter.

  2. totally love what mel said,and for some reason i see you willnever lose your commitmentto getting better!!! (but please dont think you are superman once you get out of that boot--stubborness,although not a bad trait in certain circumstances,might become your cryptonite if you dont listen to your body!!!)

    anyways,ido hope you hear some good news soon (well about your foot-i know you already heard your "good news" last week!)


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