Life...God, 3Bird, and Jax

Hey True Believers,

Ok, at this point, I think everyone knows that Damary and I are pregnant. Quick back story...we first started talking about our timeline/plan of getting pregnant about 6 months ago. We had been trying for a couple of months. Further backstory, both Ayanna and Annabelle have had nicknames when they were in Damary's womb. Ayanna was "Peanut" (for the way she looked in the first ultra sound), and since we didn't know her gender (even after 3 Ultra sounds) we called her that the entire pregnancy. Annabelle was "Sweet Pea" and that has always stuck. Well, when we spent those months planning, for some reason Bob Marley's "3 Little Birds" kept playing in my head. Maybe it was the chorus, "Don't worry about a thing, 'Cause every little thing gonna be all right." that God was reminding me to put my trust in him and relax about the details. So, the nickname "3Bird" was born. Also, fitting because this is our 3rd child. Even during those couple of months of FUN, yet unsuccessful trying results, the chorus played over an over in my head...."Don't Worry[....]Every Thing's Gonna Be Alright"

So Fast Forward to Friday (September 3rd). At this point Damary and I could have bought stock in Ovulation and Pregnancy Test for the past couple of months. Friday, I met up with Damary's co-worker who was taking me to the place where I would pick up Jax (yes a full bred Jack Russel Terrier FOR FREE!!), and then we would surprise the girls when I got home with him.

So I pull up in the driveway, with Jax sleeping in my arm. Damary walks out, and I am assuming she is coming to see Jax and prep so we could surprise the girls and get pics of their face. I pulled up and rolled the window down, and she said, "Are you ready to feel overwhelmed?" I saw in her eyes something was different, and between me in the boot, and Ayanna fracturing her wrist, the latest PT appointment, and having to move my races, I wasn't sure my foundation was strong enough to handle another hit. She pulls out one of the Pregnancy test and even though it was faint, the second line was there. Our eyes met, and the love and excitement was a physical presence. I was pinned under a sleeping pup, seat belt, and the roof of a car, but you heart was 100 feet off the ground. I parked the car, and got out and hugged her and gave her kiss. I thanked God. Because we've both been wanting this for so long, the faint second line left room for doubt. Damary asked for a digital test, and off I went. I am sure gravity was still working, but my feet never seemed to touch the ground!

I got back, at this point Jax and the girls were fast friends! Damary came back a few minutes later, from the bathroom, and the digital reading said positive (for the record the reading only stays for 30 minutes...glad Damary took a pic)!! In just a few minutes, life had changed and the my smile had been found!!

Due date, approximately puts 3Bird here sometime in mid-May. Now, what makes that so much more special is, the Flying Pig Marathon (what will be my first) is May 1st. As in my previous post, my PT thinks I won't be ready for it. I had lost my way, and my motivation, and was full of doubt. I prayed a lot about it, because I realize anything I do, I have 2 daughters who look up to me, so my actions, more than my words, are I wanted/always want to be a good example. So now knowing 3Bird will be just days away, knowing he/she will have made the most blessing filled, difficult journey to get here, motivates me that I can come back from this or anything.

I haven't stopped thanking God for my wife, for my daughters, and for all of you who have offered sweet, encouraging words to my family. I have my mojo back, and my calm back (well except for the shaking in excitement, since Friday lol).

"Don't worry about a thing, 'Cause every little thing gonna be all right."....Indeed.

-Until The Wheels Fall Off (not anytime soon)


  1. OMGosh!!!!!!CONGRATS PAPPA!!!!!!!
    i am so excited for you and your family!!!!!
    like you, hubs and i were trying for a 3rd..we didnt think it was meant to be seeing as it had been over 3 years without luck...and just when we thought it would never happen,once i started making big plans,well god laughed at me andtold me what HIS plans were,and blesses me with a 3rd baby!!!!

    i have no doubts you will be ready for the may have a new "pep in your step" so to speak,and i know you will make your wife,your peanut,sweet pea and 3bird proud!!!!

    again,congrats on your wonderful news!!!
    keep your momentum rolling and carry it with you for May!

  2. WHOOP! WHOOP! Congrats Corey!! That is so awesome! See what can happen when you get an injury, you have time to do 'other' things :) You two are going to be great parents! Many blessing sent your way!

  3. What a great story. Congrats on 3 Bird! Don't worry about May, you have come this matter what happens in May with the race, you will handle it perfectly.


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