Blink One Second Around Here, and EVERYONE is either in a Boot or a Cast!!

So Injury Update: Physical Therapy has been going well. I have even gained some range of motion back. Good News ends there: my PT says that it looks like the Plantar Faciitis may heal soon (relatively speaking), but the fractured heel is what is going to be a long term healing problem.

I have already accepted the fact when I see my Podiatrist next week; I will be leaving his office STILL in this boot. I have also accepted that my what would have been my first ½ and Full Marathons (Nov and Dec, respectively), I won’t be properly healed and have my miles back up to be ready for them. I have now changed my sites for my first Marathon being the Flying Pig in Cincinnati on May 1st of 2011. The day before there are kids’ races that the girls can do, so we will have a weekend out of it!

Speaking of my Super Princesses…Ayanna fractured her wrist yesterday at the after care at school. God Bless Her Heart and Her Courage. I got there just a few minutes after it happened and she was crying. She then explained to me how she did it: I take the girls to the park and playground all of the time, and Ayanna has always been afraid of the Monkey Bars. Specifically, once she is hanging, she starts to freak out. Well, my daughter, my first born, decided she was going to get over her fear and tried the monkey bars at school!! I was mixed with a feeling of overwhelming parenting pride in her, and overwhelming parenting concern over her holding her wrist. Once my wife got home, I stayed with our youngest and she took Ayanna to the ICC.

Above are the pictures from when she got home. You can see we are The Fracture Wonder Twins!! She was SO EXCITED and all smiles that she had a cast and sling. Luckily it’s just an air-cast, so it can be removed for bath time. I am in AWE of her simple, yet powerful stance of courage. She had a fear, and dammit, she was going to handle it, and conquer it. All in a sunny afternoon. I have a LOT to learn from that little girl…

-Until The Wheels Fall Off

NEXT TIME: I will talk after I see the Podiatrist…let’s see how that goes…


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