Independence Weekend..or how to survive your own personal Revolution

So summer is in full effect and a holiday weekend is upon us. Fireworks and grills will be firing up all over these wonderful 50 states.

So I look forward to the new month that is upon us. It was a VERY rough June for me (just one of those down sides was losing my Gram), that even saw me really sick last week (ask my family the last time they saw me that sick. Hell, I think that was the first fever I’ve had in like 5 years).

So I am VERY excited over the prospect of July. I woke up today, did my EA Active workout, weighted myself, and I had lost another 5 pounds over the last week. I am almost under 240, and have NO clue when I was down this much. Maybe when Damary and I got married. Other than the obvious holiday (or excuse for us Dads to play with fire and gunpowder), but Damary and I have big plans over the next couple of weekends. Our first cookout, and a family trip planned, which we are sure the girls will simply LOVE!! Don’t worry; I’ll have more details when it gets here.

So as June came to a close, there was even an “issue” Damary and I were having at home. We, like any other couple who hits these roadblocks in a marriage, are actively working through it. But that sort of brings up my topic for today. Out of respect for Damary, I will not give specifics, because that isn’t fair to her.

Do any of you who are married or have significant others ever worry that your love for someone isn’t enough? Do you ever fear that an outside person/situation could come in and completely rattle the foundation of what you’ve built with your spouse/significant other?

It is utterly scary to me that we, out of the most unselfish of reasons, completely give our heart, our trust, our love, and our identity to another human being with the (at best) hope they will protect it and not betray it. Because that is a wound, so deep, that the scar tissue last a lifetime. Yet we all can identify with that pain, more than we can identify with true love. How many of us can really relate to the kind of love Edward and Bella experienced in (the book) “Twilight”? Yet I am sure EVERYONE could relate to the pain and heartbreak Bella went through in “New Moon” (don’t want to give too much away for those who haven’t read it yet, i.e. Damary). That is kind of scary as well.

So somewhere lost in the daily grind, the getting the clothes ready, the running in 2 different directions getting everyone ready, the countless hours spent at work, the rushed meals, the useless small talk; we need to remember that frailty, we have so gotten used to, of the trust/bond we have made with our spouses/significant others. Maybe take the time to remember, no matter how rushed we are, how stressed we are, no matter how much the kids are screaming about “marshmallow cereal”, that it could be a HELL of a lot worse if that spouse/significant other wasn’t there. Instead of taking their presence for granted, or even abusing the fact they are always there, maybe take 5 seconds, take a deep breath, and thank God someone wants to share this rushed, stressful, loud moment with you, and all of the happy ones too.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Independence Weekend!! Throw some tea of a dock; ride/drive through your town screaming, “The British are coming, The British are coming!!”; Stand on your roof and declare “1 if by land, 2 if by sea”. Or just enjoy it with friends and family you adore and cherish!

-Until The Wheels Fall Off


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