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Hey World!!

So last Saturday, the girls started Cheerleader Classes. At first, they were shy and scared to go in and do it. Once Damary (being the Mom that she is) calmed them down, they completely forgot about being scared (aren’t children wonderful for life lessons!!!). They tumbled and jumped their little hearts out. The instructor asked us if Ayanna had ever had classes before and we told her no. She said Ayanna is REALLY good and a natural. I think Annabelle was the youngest in the class (they are in the same beginner’s class), and she did well too.

Ayanna took to doing the tumbling part like a fish in water. She only had to be shown once how to do them (and there were front and reverse tumbles) and she was gone. Every once and a while, the girls would look through the glass and wave to Damary and I. I kept rubbing Damary’s back as I welled up with so much pride, and excitement for them.

More exciting news is that Damary has gone back to school. She has started her online classes with the University of Phoenix. I am so proud of her. She has a solid plan for her success. She has a goal AND a purpose. More importantly, she has the drive to do this. She has my 100% support!!!

So in the 6 months we’ve lived in Louisville, so much has improved in our lives as a family. Both individually and as a unit. I mean I knew this move would be good for us, but I had such a hard time explaining that to anyone. I mean if you know something is going to be better, why do the haters/distracters in our lives demand some sort of explanation?? I mean what business is it of theirs if you want to be a better person?? One of those mysteries I’ll never understand.

Another positive change is I have decided to be more positive in my outlook everyday. I start my day now listening to The Steve Harvey Morning Show on my IHeartRadio application on the phone (yeah, I sacrificed that in the move from Orlando, no radio station here plays him). And the first 14 minutes of the show he starts off with inspiration for everyone. And let me tell you, since I have started listening to those first minutes of the show, my attitude has changed. I try putting encouraging, positive things on my Twitter, My Space, and Facebook account, because I believe in sharing positivity. I mean if you want to have positive energy in your life, then the first step is to give off positive energy. The second step is to surround yourself with positive people.

I challenge/dare (whatever you want to call it) to all of you. Pick up your cell phone and bring up your Contact list, or pull up your email account and open your Address List. Start deleting all of the people who are dragging you down, or don’t unconditionally love you; or are poisoning your life with their toxic energy; or in anyways damaging your calm. After you do that, take a moment to send them a text, an email, a video mail, etc. and tell them how much they have impacted your life; how much affect their love and support for you helps you. Start this cycle, and yes it is a cycle of good, and see how much love you get in return. When they ask you why are you telling them this out of the blue, just tell them you wanted the important, special, V.I.P. people in your life to know they are special. You’ll never know, but at least one of those people are going through a rough time, and your encouraging words will uplift them. Seriously, we are quick to forward emails and dumb text about forwarding on to 20 people or our livers will fall out, but this right here, is serious for the people wanting positivity in their life.

Ok, I’ve gone on too long, and I am sure people will accuse me of being too preachy, but oh well, I’ve been called worse.


-Until The Wheels Fall Off


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