Every Captain Ahab MUST have their Moby Dick

So as I think I have finally found the “secret” (ok, not really a secret or short cut. Just something that works for me, finally) to getting back, and staying, in shape. This prompted my mind to wander this morning, somewhere between the 20th or 25th leg lift (or was it the 30th squat?? Oh well, I digress….can you tell today’s workout was legs?? LOL) about how does one stay motivated? Not only in beginning a new workout regimen, but as an active, positive parent, and as a spouse?

I’ve often heard that any habit, good or bad, takes 30 days to develop and your body and mind to be used to it. If you exercise regularly, stop for a month and try and restart. Easier to get blood from a stone. On the flipside, if you are looking to begin a workout lifestyle, stick to your routine for at 30 days. Without even noticing, you will find it as much of your life as brushing your teeth or showering; something you simply do, but could not do without.

But as parents, how do we stay motivated? I mean, let’s be honest, with any well intended endeavor, there are valleys and peaks. How do you handle no motivation when another human being is dependent on you?

I mean staying motivated as a spouse, I think is fairly easy. GIVE YOUR ALL. Simple enough. I know you may mock me, but honestly, if you give your all to your spouse (shiny parts as well as warts), your spouse will never feel threatened by someone else, never feel like you are hiding a part of you, never feel like they aren’t a priority. And if, for some reason they do feel that way, they can at least have the security in knowing that it isn’t because you didn’t try, and it is something inside of them, that they will feel secure enough to share with you without fear. It still works out.

Staying motivated as a parent, is a completely DIFFERENT 300 pound elephant in the room. I mean, to me, there is more of an immediate response with being a good spouse, which I get from my wife. Being a good parent, I really have no clue if I am doing it right for a decade or so. That is a HUGE leap of faith in one’s own abilities, versus a universe of wrong turns.

I would LOVE to hear from other parents on how they do it. Or am I the only one who stays up late at night praying to God that they don’t screw up their kid(s)?

-Until the Wheels Fall Off


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