I don't just want to raise good children...I want to raise good well adjusted adults!

So during my normal insomnia, I often think about how I am raising my daughters. I then realized that I have NO CONTROL over what life hands them. The only thing I can do is provide them the skills and encouragement to handle the curve balls, pitfalls, and many unexpectedness that life will throw at them.

I don't let them win all of the time because how one handle defeat is a TRUE statement of the quality of person they are. When they do win, I make sure they aren't taunting each other. I try and make sure things like "Please", "Thank you" were commonly said AND heard, from the moment they could understand.

I like to laugh with them. I want them to know happiness from life itself, not from objects. I discipline them because I want them to understand right from wrong, and because I am their parent, not trying to be their friend.

Like when we first dated, I open doors for my wife. Randomly give her gifts, cards, flowers, make her breakfast in bed, etc, because I want them to see what respect in a romantic relationship is like, so they know how to expect and appreciate that treatment when they get of age.

I make sure things like "I Love You", and nighttime and morning kisses, and prayers, and hugs are staples in our house. So they can start and end their days wrapped up in love.

The one thing, my daughters can recite to you at anytime, is what I have always said to them. "Never give up...just keep trying". And I put that into action. Because, if nothing else, how precious is it when that glow on a child's face appears after they have conquered something they thought they couldn't do?

Obviously with the things my doctor said to me recently, my own mortality weighs on my mind. If, my time is sooner than later, I hope, no I pray, they think of me as a Father who always had time, and did the best he could, and loved them unconditionally. Because God knows I do.

-Until the Wheels Fall Off


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