My 6 Day Detox Drop Results

Hey Everyone, I am sorry it has taken me so long to post the before and after results.

My Before and After Measurements from my 6 Day Detox Drop.

Date: 6/21 After: 6/27

Neck: 17.5 inches/ After: 17.5 inches

Chest: 44 inches/ After: 42 inches

Biceps: 14 inches/ After: 14 inches

Forearms: 12 inches/ After: 10.5 inches

Wrist: 7.25 inches/ After: 7 inches

Waist: 44 inches/ After: 41 inches

Hips: 48 inches/ After: 44 inches

Thighs: 23.5 inches/ After: 23 inches

Calves: 16 inches/ After: 16 inches

Body Weight: 244 pounds/ After: 233 pounds

Now the even weirder thing is I have gained back 3 pounds since then, but I have lost 2 more inches from my waist. Go figure. I am wearing a pair of pants from when Damary and I were dating.

I am so glad I did the detox. I am using it as a metabolism jump start in a program I started right on this past Monday. The nicest part of the detox was I lost inches from the things I wanted to, but obviously I didn't lose the muscle I have been working on building for marathon training (thighs, calves, biceps).

-Until The Wheels Fall Off


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