Marathon Training; Or As I Like To Call It: “WWWHHHAAAATTTT!” (Said in my best Minion voice)

So my running calendar has changed. I am still doing the Poker Run 5k at Iroquois Park on August 10th; the Moonlight Mile and 8k Run on August 21st; but now my first ½ Marathon will be the Silstone Trail ½ Marathon in November; and then my first Full Marathon 3 weeks later on December 4th at the Memphis Marathon. Yes, there are links there, if you want to check them out.

I am most excited as the summer is winding to its final stretch, that all of my hard road work, my gallons of sweat, and countless hours in the gym is focused on those goals, I put on myself when I ran my first 5k in May. I full well expect that this Christmas I will be asking Santa for a quick recovery with no injury :)

Since I started this, I find it funny that people who comment fall under only two categories: Ones Who Also Run (“that is a GREAT time/pace/stride/heart rate” etc; “It is so addicting, right?”) and the Ones Who Don’t (“You must be crazy”; “Why would I run that far when I have a car?” etc).

For those who are Runners: THANK YOU! Thank you for accepting me in your club with open arms and welcomed tips, tricks, shared information. To the ones who I don’t even know, who I encounter while out on the road, thank you for your courtesy, your smile, nod, wave, and exhausted “Hi” as we both are going our separate ways. I mean where else can you and a complete stranger of the opposite sex, encounter each other, wearing sweat soaked tight clothes, at some insane pre-dawn/sunrise/dusk/sunset/middle of the night and smile to each like you’re old friends?? When in truth, we’re smiling at each other because we’ve just found someone else as crazy as we are!!

For those who are Non-Runners: And keep in mind, I started distance running late in life, I understand your strange looks, comments, hesitation to believe me when I talk about how I just logged in 10 miles and did it with no music because I wanted to appreciate every part of my running, from my stride to my controlled breathing/heart rate. Or how there is an anticipation to my day at work, because I know I am a few hours from me, my running shoes, and miles of open road.

I also love how in the past couple of weeks, I have gained a significant amount of followers who are fitness addicts/experts, athletes, or fellow runners. It is inspiring, and I in turn am following them and am learning so much.

I think that has been the greatest asset, since I started. The open and willingness there is to share ideas and theories among the Running community. The overall mentality of “this worked for me, so it may work for you” is awesome. The cheering at races by people who don’t know you, but appreciate your efforts. Places like Ken Comb’s Running Store or Swag’s Sports Shoes where the moment you walk in, they treat you like family. They are there to help you, not sell you on the latest thing. Where, as a novice runner, I never feel stupid for asking questions.

Now, as much as I enjoy the Running Community, I also seem to be of that breed that enjoys running alone. I know some runners need others to run with, which I think is great. Maybe when I get more comfortable, I will try that. But for me running alone is awesome. I have never had a problem being motivated, so needing someone to keep me on track is a moot point.

So the next time, you find yourself somewhere in East Louisville, on a VERY early Saturday morning (when I do my endurance/long runs) and you see me running along, feel free to say Hi :)

-Until The Wheels Fall Off


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