Anthem 5K Wrap-Up

So yesterday was the First Leg of the Louisville Triple Crown, the Anthem 5K. This was the biggest race I have ever been in (over 10,000 entrants), and it meant the climb leading right into my first marathon in April. My last 5K race was the Run, Run, Rudolph 5K, the day after Thanksgiving, and the race time was 40:05. That was 3 months ago. Last week, I did a 5K in a little over 36 minutes and felt strong afterwards. So going into yesterday, I REALLY felt like I could set a PR in the race. I knew I could do it faster that 40 minutes, and was hoping for 36 minutes. I was armed with my Garmin and smiles and kisses from my wife and daughters.

It took me about 8 minutes to get to the starting line, because of the mass of people. I will say, in a huge race, other runners are quite friendly and nice. I have done smaller races and people would just as soon step on you, than talk to you. So once I reached the Starting Line, I hit Start on the Garmin and was off. I do know, the ONE thing I wanted to avoid was starting out at some incredible pace and then blowing up and having to walk towards the end. In my marathon training, I make a daily effort of starting off strong, but well paced, and trying to post negative splits with every mile....allowing me to really put the hammer down, and hit the end strong, and with everything I have. So that being said, I got off to a comfortable pace, after a few minutes, I decided to check the Garmin to see my pace. I saw 10:30 and immediately said "WHOA", because that is pretty fast pace for me. Then one thought came to me (mind you, I am not an experienced runner)...the one variable/X-Factor I am not able to account for yet, is what I call "Race Day Nitro".

"Race Day Nitro" is what I have always called (back to when I was a sprinter in high school)that extra turbo boost we all get from simply being in a "big game" atmosphere. That extra special feeling we all get when in our own proverbial arenas of combat.

So I decided I wasn't really going to be obsessed with pace, or PR. I wanted to just run. I also have really been working on my "Push through" moment. Push Through Moment = That moment of working out/running/persevering...where you feel like you can't go on anymore/give up/puke; you simply tell yourself, that you will not die from working harder, our bodies are built to endure and our spirits are meant to succeed. I have been working on pushing and pushing myself, to get to that moment to go through it, because personal growth and change only happen through a baptism of fire.

Around Mile 2, is when I saw some things that started to scare me. I started seeing people go over to the sides and completely stop. I saw people getting medical attention, and said silent prayers for them. I hadn't ever seen that before, in a race. I suddenly became very thankful for even having the opportunity to be out here running.

So, as I came around and saw the finish line, I Was so grateful. I don't know how to say it anymore than that. Simply grateful.

I saw the Garmin time, and immediately, you could go and get your official time. So I got it, and I did it in 32:06...8 minutes better than my last 5K race, and 4 minutes better than my target. Yeah, I am proud of myself. I have made (and continue to make) this transformation from my heart attack, from my sleep doctor saying my Apnea is so bad I wouldn't live another year; to a Runner. I am proud of that. Which brings me to my next point...

It didn't take long for people to make their sarcastic (which in the hands of a negative person is a way for them to say things and have the cowardice of not taking responsibility for them) commenting on how my pride is arrogance and how I think I am better than people.

I am not going to fight back, or delete picture comments, or Facebook comments, or Daily Mile comments, etc. I simply want to say "Thank You"...and I am sorry. Thank you, because you've given me more stuff to fuel me when I am tired, during my runs...and I am sorry, because EVERYONE should, at least once, be satisfied with themselves for accomplishing a goal.

So I spend today, being a little proud of myself. As for the tomorrow's 3:30AM alarm, Marathon Training resumes. And in two weeks is the second leg of the Triple Crown: Then Rodes 10K

-Until The Wheels Fall Off
-Corey, The Illuminati Runner


  1. Be proud and enjoy the moment !!It's always nice to see the fruits of our labor on the stopwatch. Great Job and keep running

  2. Great job Corey!You don't need negative people in your life..get rid of them! You are working hard and should be proud of yourself!!!

  3. There are always negative people!! You have been a inspiration to me. Everyday you send positive energy my way. You should be very proud of your achievement, and the man you are!!

  4. Some people are real idiots. Why would anyone say something negative about a PR. Ignore the haters!

  5. Your haters are your motivators. Nice work my man.

  6. Thank you all so much. I am honored, humbled and touched by your comments. They are SOOOO much appreciated!!


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