Probably my Last Blog Post Until After The Marathon...

April 17th 2010, I ran my first 5K, I had just bought my first pair of running shoes days before, and my only other run was in my basketball hi-tops (O.U.C.H!!!). I did more walking than running, and even my running couldn’t really be called that. What I remember most about that race was the two times (halfway point and the finish); I heard and saw my daughters cheering for me. They were proud of their Papi, and wanted to make sure the world heard them cheer. That was the moment I was hooked to the CONCEPT of me as a Runner. I wanted more moments like that. I just had no idea how I would get to the point I could call myself a runner and not feel like I was insulting Pheidippides directly.

At the suggestion of a dear friend, I purchased “Marathoning for Mortals” and from the first paragraph on, I swear it was like it was written directly for me. I read it and carried it everywhere (still do). I always knew I had focus, but now I had direction.

In this lunar cycle, I have dealt with/handled injuries (I still keep my boot out, to physically remind me of how grateful I should be to GET to run); extreme temps (from 110 degrees, WRONG DAY for me to have run out of water in my fuel belt, to -4 degrees on ice, I still look at that video sometimes and laugh); negative enforcement; positive reinforcement; been blessed to have physically and virtually met some OUTSTANDING human beings; seen how my running has infected my family; LOVED cheering for my wife as she crossed the finish line for her first 5K; wiped tears from my eyes every time as I watched the girls run their races; pushed myself mentally and physically beyond I thought was even possible…and enjoyed every single literal and figurative step of the way.

The Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon is my “coming out party”, to me anyway. A few months ago, I had no idea how I would survive for 26.2 miles, but knew if I didn’t do it, it would eat away at me. Somewhere during the Louisville Triple Crown, I knew I would complete the 26 Miles and 385 Yards, with that same smile I have whenever I cross a finish line. I won’t break any speed records, and to be honest, that isn’t even apart of my strategy as far as how to run the marathon. And this may surprise some of you; Finishing isn’t a goal of mine. I will finish, of that, I don’t doubt, because finishing, isn’t an action we do, finishing is a result of having the drive, focus, intestinal fortitude to start. Finishing is the result of the personal struggle, the highs and lows, of continuing what you have set out to accomplish. For me, the goal, is lining up at the starting line with 15,000 of my family for the next 42.195 kilometers, and not running away screaming out of fear. I know me…once I get across the starting line, I WILL finish. But every 3:30AM alarm bell; every 1AM or 2AM Saturday Endurance Run Alarm bell; every fracture; every off putting comment; every “How many miles did you run today, Papi?...WOW that’s a lot!!” from my daughters; every “How was your run, hon?” from my wife, every Daily Mile shout-out, mention, encouragement, email message I have received; every text, phone call, personal email of someone telling me how what I am doing encouraged them to do more than they thought they could; every hug; every time I laced up my shoes, I keep next to the front door; every time Jax looked at me (after taking him on a 60 min run) as I was leaving for a run like “NOPE, won’t fool me again…I’ll see you when you get back!”; every time, I have been BONE tired, but knew being a Runner was my decision, but being a Good Father and a Good Husband is what Damary, Ayanna, Annabelle, and soon Adrianna, are owed every single hour, every single day with NO excuses; every step, burpee, fartlek, pushup, sit-up, dip, kickboxing class, squat, yoga stretch, pull-up, P90X, and weight pushed; every time my daughters have told me that I am the best Papi; every time my wife, like a trooper, has asked what I needed to help make me a better runner; every time my wonderful wife has come out to watch me start a race, then kept our two little angels occupied, while usually in less than stellar temperatures, so she could see me finish and be waiting with a hug and a kiss; wonderful new friends who have touched my heart; for EVERYONE I pray for when I am doing my daily prayers when I start out my runs; For ALL of that, I will have the encouragement to quiet that doubting part of me, and solely listen to the Illuminati Runner and take my place, rightfully, at the starting line.

April 30th will be here soon enough…


  1. I tell you what.. you have inspired me & have got me pumped up for the race this year. Thank you for that! I think I'm more excited for YOUR run then mine :)

  2. corey!JUST what i needed to hear today! been being hard on myself here lately,and this post helped me put things back into perspective.....
    wishing you nothing but the best for your marathon on the 30th. you and i both have big days then!
    will be keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers....
    looking forward to reading a recap!!!!!


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