Success is Much More Honest, Than Failure…

Today is Thursday, and I am in the midst of an AMAZING week! Yesterday, our oldest Daughter, my Super Princess, graduated Kindergarten. During these moments, I find myself not as much proud of them, as I am happy in the pride they have for themselves. Same thing I feel when I watch them race. I am happier that they are proud of themselves, because I think that is the building blocks for keeping a positive attitude.

Tomorrow, Damary and I have our normal Baby Check-Up. These always touch my soul…yes, child #3, and I have never missed an appointment, and still get excited. In a few short months, our family will expand, and I am so excited (although, between my lovely wife and daughters, I am not sure how much time I will get with Baby Q when she gets here..seriously, we will need to have some sort of lottery, because everyone is claiming time now, like Baby Q is a Time Share lol).

Sunday is Warrior Dash. I am excited for this, but my focus this week is on everything before it. Although I am more excited for how the girls will laugh at me covered in mud from the race LOL

I still can’t believe as of 3:45 today, I have a First Grader AND a Kindergartener! Add a baby on the way! It is all surreal for me, but in a good way surreal. I can’t believe I am this blessed.

Life for Damary and I hasn’t always been easy, but we worked hard ant staying together. We worked/continue to work hard at making our marriage special. At making our home full of love and laughter for the girls. Which is why, when people make comments on how “lucky” we are, it tends to irritate the hell out of both of us. Luck is something you stumble upon, but a lifetime of marriage and surviving the ups and downs is a COMMITMENT of WORK. Or as I look at it, a Labor of Love. One I am proud to partake in, and one I will gladly do until I am called Home.

I get the same irritation when now people look at me and say, “Wow, YOU did a marathon? I could never do one of those, I don’t know how you survived 26 miles” Like I woke up one day and decided to run 26.2 miles…Like I didn’t do the hard work of preparation, endure injuries, and sacrifice. Like I just got out there and hoped for the best.

My point is that Success is honest, if you succeed at achieving your goal, it takes on a physical manifestation in your soul. We walk differently, we talk differently, we view the world just a little brighter after we succeed. Endorphins are God’s Diploma…Our success, physically manifested into a chemical rush affecting our reality.

But Failure?? Failure lies….when we fail, we look to comfort ourselves in the lie before we can face the truth head on. And let me clarify, failure has no direct correlation to finish lines. Failing at something is that one moment that you know you can give more, but you choose not to and quit. In those next 5 seconds, you know you failed, because you had more to give, and you chose not to. In the minutes after, Failure makes us believe everything but ourselves are the reason we failed.

Success teaches us that we are FAR from perfect…BUT it shows us our value in our imperfections. Success validates our passion. Success reminds us that we matter. Success makes us want more.

I tend to look at my Marriage on the Success/Failure scale based on this: When I woke up this morning, was I happy to wake up next to Damary? For 7 years of marriage, 10 years total, that answer has been Yes…

-Until The Wheels Fall Off
Corey, The Illuminati Runner


  1. You are blessed to have each other. :) And I love ya both! :)


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