Buffalo Chase 5K

Well this was another first for me...my first weekday race...and on a Monday, at that! This was on 4th of July, and it was an overall great experience. We arrived about 30 minutes before and the volunteers were EXTREMELY helpful and super organized.

I kissed Damary and the girls (including my wife's belly, where Adrianna is) goodbye and told them I would see them later. I went to the starting line, and recognized a familiar face Mark from DailyMile was there.I introduced myself to him and met his wonderful wife as well! This guy's positive attitude is a palpable force!! Great guy!!

So we lined up, and the air horn went off, and away I went. This was my first race in my Fila Skeletoes (minimalist shoes) so I was curious to see how it would go. I will admit one thing, that I couldn't put my finger on, and for some reason, I didn't have my normal "Race Turbo" feeling, and never did. But off I went...

Oh, because this was a small race(less than 1000), there wasn't chip timing, just starting horn to finish line....and I knew from my Garmin, I lined up 4/100ths of a mile from the actual starting line. I also know that my first mile was at 9:20, according to the guy calling out splits, which considering I started behind the starting line, this meant I was doing well.

Then the gradual inclines started and this became a race of attrition. I just wanted to keep moving. I knew I had no special boost, and I was tired, but I wasn't going to stop.

This was an "out-and-back" loop, so on the way back, I heard someone yell encouragement and I looked up out of my haze and saw Mark making his way too, so I yelled back to him. SO incredibly thankful for his words.

As I made it through, I saw there was a spectator's spot and hoped I would hear my most favorite people in the world!! And as I got closer, I did...I heard Ayanna yelling, "GO PAPI GO!" and I blew Damary and the girls a kiss, like I always do when I pass them. Most of the time, I am too tired to really yell, but I want them to know I appreciate them and their undying support, so I make sure to blow them a kiss and wave...Hence the picture :)

So I knew I didn't have far to go and I had NOTHING in the tank. I didn't even want to depress myself by looking at my Garmin to see my pace. I just tried to gut out the last part of this race. This is where, I have NO IDEA how I could do any of this without Damary and the girls' love and support. When I get tired like this, I only have one thought: I want to get back to them. Because I know their smiles and cheers make it all worth it, when I am drained.

So I was coming to the finish line and just gave it all I had...which wasn't much and crossed the finish line. I then walked over to my family and did what I always do right after a race, kiss my girls and kiss my wife...

This marks my last race until Adrianna is born sometime next month (YAY!! SO EXCITED!!), and I think I kinda need the break. The week after a race is always an emotional downer for me. Not sure why, but it always is. So it is two days later, I am not only in the middle of that emotional downturn, but combine that with the fact I never really got that emotionally charged to begin with, makes it even more of a challenge.

-Until the Wheels Fall Off
-Corey (The Illuminati Runner)


  1. You are an awesome father and Hubby Corey!! Oh and I am so admiring you for your dedication to the running. Oh and friend! Thank you thank you thank you for being one of my support peeps!

    So excited for you and your family for your fast approaching new arrival!

    Hugs to you and your family!

  2. Very well done my good friend. I've gone in to race before and felt sorta ...eeeeh. It happens. As you run more and more races, it's gets a little bit less a rush to start (you get so used to it) but the emotional downturn goes away. Also, and this is just a suggestion, remember that the races are a social event. have fun in your everyday running. I run rarely any more but enjoy my runs even more. No pressure. Oh, and your girls are beautiful.


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