Boodwork Results...after 3 Months

So I haven't has a chance to really sit down and write since Adrianna was born. Life, these past 2 months, have been ever changing and non-stop, and aboslutely wonderful. I am so thankful.

I sit, just a week and a half away from my first Half-Marathon (yeah, I did a Marathon first, and NOW I'm doing a half lol), I turned 39 on the 17th, and just 3 and a half weeks away from my second Half Marathon...which brings me to the point of this whole thing...

For the past 3 months, I have been getting my bloodwork checked (check previous, i.e. the last posting) for my CPK levels, because they have been dangerously elevated. Well, while on my run on my birthday, I got a call from the doctor's office saying that he wants to see me tomorrow (yesterday) to discuss "the next step".

So I haven't really talked about this whole thing over the past few months, because the focus (as should be) has been on Adrianna coming into the world and the fact that Ayanna started 1st grade and Annabelle started Kindergarten, and both play soccer now (I coach Ayanna's team).

So Doc says my CPK is still elevated (mind you, I had to give up Protein shakes, because long term exposure to those can have this affect with people...SO WATCH OUT!..but it turns out that isn't it at all), and he thinks it's the amount of miles/running I am doing, because CPK levels elevate based on muscle tears and inuries (A Brief Explanation: CPK is an enzyme that is found within muscle cells. When the muscle cells are damaged for any reason, the CPK is released into the blood and the test is elevated. Normal CPK levels are in the range of 250 or less. There are many causes of CPK elevation and muscle damage. Drugs (prescription and illicit), trauma (temporary elevation of CPK), inflammation (myositis), alcohol, genetic porblems with the muscle, viral infections can all cause CPK elevation. I would suggest an evaluation by a rheumatologist.) Here is a link also Elevated CPK Levels

So, doc says I maybe having this problem because I am not built like your typlical runner, I am built like a body builder (almost jumped up and hugged him for that, lol), and that I am putting my body through more wear and tear than the average marathoner. So, while he knos telling me to stop running would be bad advice, and I wouldn't listen (did I mention how smart he is), I need to figure out/revamp my training. Yeah, did I mention I have 2 Half Marthons coming up, and am doing the Derby Marathon in April of 2012???

I am devestated...Running has turned into my best friend. The one I can turn to, the piece of mind I get, the welcomed solitary moments I get to solve the world :) Let me stop you, before this turns into people trying to console me by saying how it could be worse, please don't. I am smart enough to know that, but that doesn't chaneg anything.

So every 3 months I have to get my blood checked, and we monitor the CPK levels. If they go up higher...well I'm screwed. If they stay high, I run the risk (and by "run the risk", I mean "will") of renal failure.

So I have been rather low-key since yesterday, only talkking to my wife, and a dear friend about this.

Now before anyone starts saying this sin't too bad, odds are if you're reading this, there is something that you enjoy doing, that helps level you. Imagine that being SEVERLY limited. If any of you have ever run a marathon, you know the intense training going into it, and how do you prepare for it, if you're pretty much handcuffed?

I have been doing research (like the book, "Run Less, Run Faster") to see which will help me in this permanent change.

-Until The Wheels Fall Off (takes on a WHOLE new meaning)


  1. I know of people who train quite well on only 40 miles per week for a marathon. That being said, you do have a chore of balancing the physical stresses with the emotional demands. I would only question the (in my opinion which is worthless) the decision to blame running. I do know of people whom suffered renal failure, but that was due to extremes in circumstances. The CPK levels are high. Is muscle breakdown from running the ONLY possible cause.

    I will question one point you made. Please do not put your health after things like soccer practice. Whatever the future holds for you healthwise, you have to be present for you entire family. They need a husband and father. But you already know what they would be missing.

    I trust you will find a way.

  2. Corey- I'm an ICU RN. Whatever you do- listen to the DR. Having an elevated CPK is no joke (did they say anything about Rhabdo??) We see people come into the ICU with this and need lots and lots of IV fluid. You do not want to go into renal failure. Definitely get other opinions (from specialists), and don't give up on the running. Una said it best above.. Your family needs you- as a husband and a father. Take care, and we are here for you! :)

  3. I totally agree with Una. I would seek a second opinion on what is the cause for the elevated levels. I find it hard to believe that running is causing this. In the mean time take care of yourself. I'm praying that you get well soon my dear friend xo

  4. I am not one for platitudes, precisely because of the vacancy of the words. They do nothing. For now, just know that your running family loves you, wants to be healthy and to be around for years and years. Keep reading, keep talking, find more opinions and know that you are loved.

  5. Corey...HUGS!! Wow...That sucks...there I said it I feel your pain. To do something to be healthy and have it turn out to be a possible harm...just is not right!

    Be careful, I know you will. You have so much to live and love for.

    My prayers are they...the docs...can help you safely come to a resolution you can enjoy and live with.

  6. Corey_ your baby is adorable. I am pulling for you to be healthy enough to continue to run. I love all your posts and positivity on DM!


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