My Write Up of the Rodes City Run 10k; the Second Leg of the Louisville Triple Crown

(The Rodes City Run 10K)

Well, this was another race, coming straight after working a 12 hour shift. So the first thing I noticed was that the weather was going to be OUTSTANDING! It was around 60 degrees with a slight cooler wind, which as a runner, means your body temp will basically be regulated by Mother Nature. This was also going to be a first in my Running Career: Damary and the Girls would not be there to see me off, or cheer for me at the Finish Line. So on top of being tired from a UNUSUALLY busy night at work, I was shook from being so completely out of my normal pre-race routine of hugs and kisses from the people that mean the most.

(This is the sign my friend made...notice my name in there??)
So I parked and walked to the start, and did the bathroom thing (I stayed hydrated at work) and texted a friend I knew who was leading a prayer group, to try and meet up with her. Before I found her, a running friend of mine found me and he and I said Hi and tried to calm each other's pre-race nerves. He's a great guy. So then I told him I would see him at the finish line and then the friend I was looking for found me and made a most AWESOME sign for her friends who were running (she was injured and couldn't run but came to support her friends)and my name was on it..Which made me feel pretty special! She gave me some encouragement and I got in line.

I said my pre-race prayer, hoping for the good health of all of the runners, and some clarity for myself. Then it was time to FLY. I wanted to keep a good pace, with increasing it each 2 miles. So as I made it up Broadway, I came to Cave Hill Cemetery...for those who may not have read my write up of this same race last year, Cave Hill is where my Dad, the reason I am who I am today, and who I strive to be, is buried there.

I enjoyed my "Run" with him and we talked about a lot. As I left, I thanked him for carrying me for the middle chunk of the race and proceeded to try something I have been practicing for longer runs (longer than 5K). Just let my mind go...spend a little bit getting my body to the pace I want to run (using my Garmin Watch) and then just take my mind out of the moment and find my Mental "Fortress of Solitude" and think about nothing. Well, it worked, because I can honestly tell you, I don't really remember Miles 3,4,and 5. Only when I checked to increase my pace was when I was slightly cognizant of mileage, but I didn't want it in my head and over think it, so I stayed with it.

Once I realized I had a mile to go (around 5.2 miles), I HAD ONE PLAN,. AND ONE PLAN ONLY! No Garmin watching, no trying to play "catch'em" with someone in front of me, just push through the pain, the fatigue, the onset of nausea one gets from overexertion, and know I will Win from Within. I didn't even check to know if I was going to beat my time from last year. I figured I had time to do all of that later. I just concentrated on repeated quick foot striking cadence and focused power.

(This is me, having just finished, covered in sweat, having set a P.R. and a P.B.)
I crossed (have I mentioned that I hate the fact this Finish Line is FRAKKIN UPHILL??) the Finish Line and instinctively looked for Damary and the Girls..then I remembered. So I kept walking and grabbed some of the post race food and drink and chilled for a moment to collect myself. Damary texted me congratulating me on my fast time and confirmed I set both a Personal Record and a Personal Best, which felt good because I was SPENT. Then I waited near the finish and was joined by some other great running friends and we talked for a bit, about the course, the race, and how great the weather was. All of us pointed out how we're looking forward to the last leg of the Triple Crown, the Papa John's 10 Miler in 2 weeks.

Then I walked back to the car (which felt like a second 10K, at this point, lol) and headed home. Then I came home and slept for about an hour and then post race/record setting adrenalin collided and won over should-be-tired because I haven't been to sleep since Thursday night, and won't until Sunday night. So I was back up and watched some basketball until time to get ready and headed into work for another 12 hour shift.

One of my friends reminded me that setting a PR and PB by about 2 minutes coming off no sleep is HUGE and should not be taken lightly. I am not really into congratulating myself for anything, so it is a quiet joy when I complete my races.

This is my second Triple Crown and it is proving very taxing on me, with this time around, i am working 3rd shift and these races are sandwiched between working 12 hour shifts. Curious to see how I feel after the 10 Miler.

-Until the Wheels Fall Off

-Corey, The Illuminati Runner


  1. yay!! congrats on the PR and PB!!!!
    and doing so while being exhausted from 12hr shifts?
    just hang in there with everything!!!
    you rock,superman!!!


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