My Write Up of The Louisville 5K Zombie Survival Run

So this was my off week for working Friday overnights, which meant I would get a full nights sleep before a race, for the first time since last year's Warrior Dash (July, for those keeping score). It was kind of foreign for me, but I embraced it quickly.

So I woke up and stepped outside and realized it was a bit chilly. Who would think the coldest race I would run wouldn't take place until April!?!?! So I came back inside and woke up Damary and told her to stay home with the girls. There would be no reason for them to stand around getting cold and possibly getting sick.

So I got dressed, and I was sporting my special Black Superman shirt, because I figured dealing with Zombies called for special Superman attire. I headed out the door down to the Rugby Field at Cherokee Park!

As I parked, I immediately saw a pickup truck full of Zombies and knew this was GOING TO BE FUN!! So I got to the starting line area and picked up my flags. See, we all got 3 flags which represented our "brains", and the goal was to finish the race with as many of the 3 flags as we could. The zombies would be trying to take them from us along the way.

I then ran into my dear friend, Gina, who also works with my beautiful wife and hung out with her. She did introduce me to some of her friends who wre upset because they came down for late registration but were told that they didn't have anymore slots available. Turns out they only had enough for 700 runners and didn't expect the turnout that ensued from the tons of publicity. I know at least a dozen Zombies that were there were people who came down to run it, but it was sold out.

So then I placed my belt with my flags on, and placed them strategically: one on each side and one in theory was if someone reached for that front flag, out of instinctly being SUPER protective of that area, I would move with the extra quickness :)

Then it was time to go. Now, in case y'all don't know from previous post, I HATE RUNNING CHEROKEE PARK! It isn't just hilly it takes you all the way around said hills, will as soon as he hit the first incline, you saw people upfront splitting ranks and I realized our first zombie was here. I dodged him pretty easy, but I spent a LOT of energy doing so. But I was JACKED UP over doing this race!!

So the best moments during the race were either the little kid zombies who you never saw until you were practically next to them. I hurdled one little girls arm who reached out to take my flag, and she laughed :) Also the one favorite zombie was the girl who stood in the middle of the road, reaching to her right and left, never really moving. Then about 10 seconds later, she would turn around, and quiet as a ninja, I watched her take 5 flags from people she ran behind, even as I shouted "BEHIND YOU!" Her zombie game was thorough :)

Then around mile 2.3, I, and the people I suddenly made friends with, noticed the Zombies were coming more frequently, and guessed the end would be a barrage. Well, after dodging Zombies on a 2 person wide bridge, one finally took one of my flags. Then there was the turn off the bridge that, well, sh*t got REAL

There was a single person path through the woods, and at the start were two zombies guarding it that we all had to get through. Well there came a "divine" moment when the two zombies looked opposite directions trying to get other people, so I "split the defense" and ran straight through, then the next 200 yards was on the one personal trail LINED WITH ZOMBIES!! I hit EVERY football move I knew dodging and spinning and hurdling. Then the greatest 5"5' Zombie Rabbit was there, and then....SENSORY OVERLOAD. I knew I was in the clearing, and I heard screaming from zombies, and people cheering runners and announcers. I didn't stop to count or think...I saw the straight line and remembered I was a Sprinter in High School and College and Usain Bolt'd my ass gone.

I only knew I had finished because I was suddenly behind a group of people and I looked up and saw I had just passed the Finish Line, and I had TWO FLAGS LEFT!! I was actually upset at myself because I had lost a flag. Until I ran into Gina, Rebecca Jo, and her friend Scott, and out of them, I had the most flags left.
Me, and Rebecca Jo, post race :)

I sat around and recollected my race experience with my friends and listened to theirs, and we laughed and commiserated. My friend Gina had a pretty skinned, banged up knee.

Me, Gina, and Rebecca Jo :)

I will honestly say that next year I will do this race again, and I know they are thinking of finding a new venue to hold more people and possibly having obstacles with zombies ....WHO'S WITH ME?!?!? :)

Proof of my Zombie Survival :)

-Until the Wheels Fall Off
-Corey :The Illuminati Runner"

P.S. - So now, the countdown is on....3 Weeks until The Kentucky Derby Marathon
P.S.S. - Tuesday, April 10th at Noon, I sign up for the Goofy Challenge at Disney World (Half Marathon on Saturday and then Full Marathon on the next day, in the second weekend in January 2013)


  1. I'm still super-duper impressed you made it with 2 flags!!!! So enjoyed getting to chat with you & hearing about your run-in with the zombies! This was definitely the most fun I've ever had in a race... & yep, Scott will be forever bored now with normal 5k's :)

    I bet next year, they will REALLy amp up this race too... CANT WAIT!!!!

  2. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i am doing this race in october(yes,4 months after the baby)
    and i so cant wait!!!

    LOVED the recap! congrats for still having 2 flags left!!!!


  3. What an awesome experience! I'm signed up to do this in the fall. Can't wait. Great job Corey!


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