Superman is Kryptonite Down

Hey True Believers,

   So yes I am in a boot and crutches. While running the Kentucky Derby Festival Marathon this past April, somewhere around Mile 18, I knew I had hurt my foot. I made a strong mental note because I knew at some point my doctor would ask when I did it. It was nothing serious, but as a Runner or and Athlete, you know your body very well, and I knew this would plague me later.

   So since then, I have run on it, 4 - 5 runs a week, averaging 25-30 miles a week. I ice it (via Arctic Ease) when it got really bad. Well a little over a week ago, the pain got too bad and I finally went to the same doctor I went to when I got injured a couple of years ago. He still remembered me, and the first question he asked me is "So, how long ago did you do this?" I replied, "What makes you think I didn't injure it like last week?"; he then says, "Because I remember you, and I know how you think?" We both laughed because he was right. So I told him and he took some x-rays and did the fun game of "does this hurt?" I have a Navicular fracture and Bone Marrow Edema and he is shocked that it has taken me this long for the pain to bother me. So I am to have ZERO weight on this foot for at least the next 3 weeks. That means no running, no cross training, nothing at all. Yeah, I shouldn't be in TOO much of a cranky mood. The kicker is, he is saying, this is looking like at least 2 months before I can run again. Yeah, that is MONTHS....and yeah, AT LEAST! 

    I am trying to keep a positive perspective because I am blessed in so many ways, but I am human and this is hard. I, had to drop out of doing Warrior Dash (after reading about all of the logistic problems, that seems to have been a blessing), and it looks like I will have to not compete in 2 more races I signed up for...I am still undecided. Yes, I said undecided. Before you judge me, I say this without apology, most, if not all of the wonderful blessings in my life came from hard work. There have been plenty of times I was counted out or it was perceived by others as being too hard a line to tow. It has never stopped me, nor am I afraid of pain.

   The bigger picture in all of this is Disney and the Goofy Challenge in January. This is my Everest, K2, Super Bowl, Lord Stanley's Cup, World Cup, NBA Finals, English Channel, and Olympic Moment in all one. I need to be healthy for it. I am so torn over this. I will need every bit of my (at the time of the race) almost 3 year Running, and newly 40 year old body, heart and soul to complete this challenge. But to get there, I will need every mile of training, and to do that, I need to go into training healthy.

    I do want to say Thank You for all of the wonderful comments, text, Facebook, and Twitter comments. I did delete my Daily Mile account almost a month ago, because I was getting tired of the negativity and needed to separate myself from that. I also don't take lightly that how I handle this setback is being watched by 3 pairs of beautiful eyes (my Daughters, the Super Princesses) as a blueprint on how to handle their own setbacks for the rest of their lives. So there is no "faking it" or "phoning it in". I have to be true to this and who I know I am. God Bless and One Love.

-Until the OTHER Wheel Falls Off (yes, I still have jokes lol)
-Corey, "The Show Off" ;)


  1. {{HUGS}} Corey! I hope it heals very quickly for you so you can get back out there.

  2. sending warm thoughts and positive vibes your way!!!!
    i know this is hard on you, mentally and physically as i have been in a similar situation...
    (yeah foot surgery that left me out for 6 months-should have been only 3 but bullheaded me ran too soon after surgery and had to get recasted...bleh!)

    SO just hang in there best you can,and keep being superman to your super princesses!
    they are truly blessed to have such awesome parents!!!

  3. First of all - I love your attitude in ALL life throws at you! :)

    My opinion on it - you know what to do with your own body. I did the last mini when everyone said I shouldnt - with my neuropathy & physical stuff going on - but I knew I could & ended up PR'ing - so you know yourself the best.

    But on that side - I know how much Goofy means to you - so why not just concentrate on that & dont worry about the 1/2 the day before? You've ran marathons before - your body knows what to do.. & January? You'll have plenty of time to get back to Full Superman Powers! :)

    We're saying prayers for you... injuries are the worst... but thank you for being a great example to me. I HATE missing a race I registered for -but seeing how you have handled this, I think I'd be better now if I had an injury & had to just say no. You're a great example buddy!!!

  4. I'm so sad for you! Mostly because setback is practically my middle name, so I can definitely relate. BUT. Your body needs this rest. Focus on diet, healing, and Super Princesses for now. Soon you'll be back, stronger and hungrier than ever!


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