Running, Life, and Surgeries

Hello Everyone,

     It has been a while since I have written, because it feels like I have had so much on my mind and heart, I didn't really know where to start. Well after yesterday 3 surgeries, I have 2 weeks of non exercise time, so I have things I want to get off my chest.

     Now first off, many of you who follow me on twitter or Facebook  might be wondering why I never mentioned I was going to have surgery until the day before. Well that is simple...and I am not trying to be harsh, but I am daily surrounded by people who complain about situations they put themselves in, or always have a new crisis every couple of days. So, I never wanted conversations to turn into "Can you top this" sort of thing. Also, and not being judgmental  just being honest, people sort of expect me to help solve their one really ever ask me about mine, or if I even have them.

      Well, due to unforeseen circumstances, I was not able to do the Goofy Challenge at Disney World this weekend, and I am heartbroken about it. But at the same time, I am moving on. I will do the Louisville Triple Crown of Running again, and I will celebrate my 3rd Runnerversary (it's a thing lol) doing my third Kentucky Derby Marathon. On top of that, I will be joining some dear friends and do the Canton Hall of Fame Marathon in June as well. So I have no time to wallow in feeling bad for myself. Besides, I have 6 sets of Super Princesses eyes who look at me and see how it is okay to handle setbacks.

      That brings me to the surgeries yesterday. For the past 6 months or so, I have had some breathing difficulty. now considering I don't have allergies or sinus issues my entire life, this was not fammilar to me. I will say I was going through nasal spray at a pretty rapid rate. Also, I constantly smelled smoke. Not cigarette smoke, but that distinct aroma of something burning. On more than one late night, I have turned couches over, making sure nothing was really burning. I smelled it all of the time, no matter where I was. The only time I didn't smell it? When I was running, but within 5 minutes after stopping, even before I made it to the shower, I was smelling it again. It was driving me nuts and really depressing me

     Well, at my doctor's office, we have an ENT who comes there once a week to see patients (he's a runner too, and a really nice guy), and I texted his receptionist who is a friend of mine, when I was at wit's end, and almost in tears. She told me that it is actually not as uncommon as I think. I saw him, he ordered and MRI and CT Scan, and saw I had some blockage, damage and some other things.

      So he told me I would need surgery, but cautioned me that for at least 2 weeks NO physical activity, not even walking the dog, not even lifting the middle and oldest Super Princesses. So originally this was planned for February, after Disney, but since Disney fell through, I moved it up to the day I would have been at Disney (cue Alanis Morrisette...I know..only some of y'all will get that)

      So the 3 surgeries I had yesterday are Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction. (Do yourself a favor, don't pull a me and look up the videos for these...OUCH!). So I am still leaking blood from my nose and am in pain. I didn't sleep last night at all, because of the pain as well as the uncomfortableness of my face. I will say, I took a shower this morning and when I touched my nose area to wash my face, I almost jumped out of the shower in pain.

      I am blessed in the fact that my wife Damary knows me well enough that she knows how to take care of me by not babying me. I HATE to be babied when I am not feeling well. Well, she knows how to be there for me without overpowering me, which I truly appreciate. The Super Princesses are helpful to me as well.

     Oh, well, it is time for some meds, and I have been up longer than any single point since the surgery. I hope you all are doing well.

-Until the Wheels Fall Off


  1. Get well Superman. I got a couple problems I need help with. Lot's of drama. I might cry or something. Get well little brother.

  2. Glad to know what happened... & know its only going to help you run better! Getting a clear air way will make a world of difference.

    & I have no doubt you're not wallowing in pity over missing a race, or with having a surgery. We all know you're going to be KILLING whatever you have coming at you next!

    Enjoy the 2 weeks off... you deserve a rest & just relaxing a bit.

  3. I have been through depression and understand what you're going through. If anyone can soldier on, it's you. Hang in there!!


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