The Side of Weight Loss that No One Ever Talks About.

Hello True Believers,

  Here is my video blog discussing the side of weight loss that no one ever talks about but is vital so we don't yo-yo in our weight. It is the adjustment in the way we see our new selves as well as changing our relationship with food to incorporate maintaining the weight loss as a permanent part of the new us. Enjoy!

Me transformation, thus far...even now, I am down to 206...only 6 more pounds until I hit my final, long term goal!

Me taking advantage of some very un-Louisville, KY (highs in the 80's! Usually we're around 110-120 with the heat index) weather last week and working out on the back deck.
-Until the Wheels Fall Off


  1. "Sara Lee don't know you"... that made me laugh.. & think!
    I get so caught up in the thinking who I am, who I want to be... having gained back all the weight I've lost in the past years, its so frustrating.. but you're right - stay in the NOW.
    I love your analogy of the gas tank too! Even me, who knows nothing of cars, knows how far I can go on a tank, how much it costs to fill it up, how much it'll hold.. that was eye opening!
    So you like the Biggest Loser Fit thingie around your arm???? I've always wondered about that! Do you have to pay a subscription to keep the info uploaded? I wanna know more! :)

  2. You have always been such an inspiration. No I don't have some fabulous weight loss story but I have pushed myself over the years to better myself as a person and an athlete. You have done incredible things, and you need not forget that. You deserve to be proud, don't allow yourself to be proud...just be proud- you have no reason not to be. You are a wonderful role model for your family and for everyone else.

  3. love,love LOVE!
    "i'm allergic to excuses"
    you hit the nail on the nail on the head with everything you mentioned,especilly about making the mental/emotional transition in weight loss.
    totally ditto to Laura's comment!!!
    you are doing an amazing job,and setting such an example for your daughters!!!!
    just keep on doing what your doing!!!!
    your awesome!!!


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