Last Week and This Week's Video Blogs Regarding my EMDR andTherapy Sessions

Hello True Believers!

     Last week I had my 5th EMDR session, and it left me a little in a dark place. So I'm posting it now. It is relatively short, so enjoy.

      Here is today's video blog discussing my therapy session this past Thursday. It discusses some new discoveries. Also, I want to warn you, it gets pretty graphic. I just want to give y'all a heads up!

Much Love and Stay Good Y'all!


  1. Hey! First off, a belated happy birthday! My oldest son shares the same bday as you! I hope your first trail race went well- you need to do a recap!!!!!
    AND while it has been heart breaking watching your videos, I know this is part of the healing process for you. You do have a long road a head of you, but you are getting the help you need, you are surrounded by your AWESOME wife and amazing childrens LOVE. One thing that stood out to me is when you mentioned that you feel like your not the cool good looking dad, or something to that effect. Trust me, your kids see you for who you are (a dad who loves them unconditionally) and could really care less what you look like,or what you perceive yourself to look like-I have a feeling you have an amazing relationship with each of your children, as you are going above and beyond to NEVER EVER let your kids feel how you felt as a child.
    Corey, I totally get your Superman persona now,
    just hang in there with everything, keep pressing forward even when your counseling goes deeper in the rabbits hole,and exposes you raw many times over. the end result will be well worth all of this--a happy, healthier you (physically and mentally). Ive said this before but I really do think that by sharing your story, your struggles and triumphs that you will be helping so many others as well!!!! You need to think about writing a book!!!!
    Again, thank you for your transparency and willingness to share!!!


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