My Review of The Social Website for Runners That You Don't Realize that You Need!

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Hello True Believers,

     I'm back to talk about the INCREDIBLY FUN website called This is a free site that, as a runner, you can go and claim your results from the races that you've run. You can also follow your friends and discover that you have rivals (THAT'S the fun part!!). It is super easy to setup, and i wanted to include some screenshots to show you how to setup your account for the first time.

Here is the Athlinks website when you first go to it...
Then you want to click, "Sign Up" in the top corner

 Once you click, "Sign Up" it takes you to this page, and you have the choice of how you want to sign up

This is if you choose "EMAIL"

This is if you choose, "Facebook"

And this is if you choose, "Google"

Here's a look at my page in the, "Overview" Tab

This is my page under the, "Following" Tab

And here is my page under the, "Statistics" Tab

Your page will look similar, once you create your profile and load your picture. Then start finding your friends, and subsequent Rivals!! Once you create your profile, search and follow me and I will follow you as well!



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