My Prayer to God

Dear God,

Thank You for waking me up and giving me another day. I am most certainly aware I am not owed today, just because I made it through yesterday. I also want to thank You for waking Damary, Ayanna, and Annabelle up, so we could enjoy one more day as a complete family.

Thank You, because you have carried me through the darkest of times in my life. Those times I both physically and mentally gave up, and had nothing left. Those times I didn't care to live, because I thought I was too lowly for Your love. You carried me, and gave me purpose and vision. You held me up until I had the strength to get up. You knew better things, beyond my hopes and dreams awaited me, and still do.

Thank You for reconnecting with so many people I thought lost to me. People from when I was a kid like Don S; Rhonda C; Tammy; Demond (Andre). People from High School days like Leroy (Roy) H; Becky S; Dawn J; Joe G; Chris H; Chris G; Rebecca S; Becky W; Chris S; Eric C; Hell, my entire St. X Brothers; My old Cheerleader Squad; My old Track Team Suzanne B; Tyson G; Sandi M; Tracy M; Jennifer M; Barbara L. People from Bentley, Alpha Psi Omega and beyond like Kate and Brian G; Sandy and Carl N; Patrick K; Cindy J; BJ; CC; Craig and Christina B; Jenn P; Val. And those only scratch the surface of the names I am thankful to have in my life again. For those I didn't name, blame it on my head, not my heart.

Thank You for the ability to be a message. To help make someone laugh or smile when they needed it the most. Thank you for making me so blind as to not see the negativity and smart enough to see the light in everything.

And lastly, Thank You for my haters. For those who knew me when I was a young kid and enjoyed laughing at me for being so different, or a nerd, or sensitive. For those in my later years who didn't think I was cool enough to hang out with them, or date them. For later in my life the haters who enjoyed gossiping, and talking sh*t about me behind my back while trying to be friends in my face. The ones who cursed me in the light, but asked my advice in the dark. The ones who are reading this now and think I can't possibly be talking about them (Why yes, yes I am). The ones who question my positiveness, attempt to tear down my happy home, and otherwise want to poison my life with their disdain and jealousy. The ones who read my facebook page to see when I am failing, so they can be "right".

Yes, Dear God, thank You for them. Without them, I wouldn't have this smirk on my face and swagger in my walk.

Lastly, Dear God, thank You for Damary...she loved me at one of the lowest points of my life. She loved me when I couldn't even love myself. You brought her to me when I was most damaged. She loved me anyway. Through Your Grace and her Love Ayanna and Annabelle are here, completing our family. Thank You for Ayanna, for giving her the best parts of me, and her ability to know when I need to hear, “Papi, you’re a good Papi.” Thank You for Annabelle, for the fact that I know she may only be 3, but she is an old soul...she’s been here before, as everyone likes to say; thank You for her youthful exuberance and always never giving up. Thank You for both of them teaching me what the world is REALLY about, and what is TRULY important.

So, in essence God, I just want to say Thank YOU.



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