Carrots, Eggs, and Coffee Beans

I heard a WONDERFUL story this morning, which I would like to share with you all. The fact of the matter is at some point we all go through rough times, and I hope this can bring you some inspiration for those “hot water” times. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

A young girl, who was in college, was home for her winter break. She had a very academically bad year, and had her heart broken by her boyfriend also. She felt like everything just kept going wrong.

One morning, she woke up, and went to the kitchen, and her Mom was standing at the stove with three clear bowls on three burners. Then she saw three bowls on the counter, one with carrots, one with eggs, and the other with coffee beans.

The Mother asked her to sit down and she said, “I know you are going through some tough times now, and you feel lost and defeated. I wanted to show you an example of something that hopefully will help you.”

The daughter, being skeptical, simply said, “Fine, go ahead.”

At this point, the water was boiling in all three bowls. The Mother took the carrots and put them in one bowl, then the eggs in another bowl, and lastly the coffee beans in the last bowl of boiling water. She waited a few minutes, and then took all three ingredients out of the boiling water and sat them on paper towels and turned the heat off.

She then asked her daughter to come over and told her touch the carrots. She asked her daughter, “How do they feel?”

The daughter, starting to get irritated, said, “They are soft.”

The Mom asked her to touch the eggs, and asked her, “How do THEY feel?”

The daughter said, “The shell is softer, and the yolk inside is now hard”

The Mom then asked her to touch the coffee beans, and asked her again, “How do they feel?”

The daughter, now getting really annoyed, said, “They feel the same as before they went in the water.”

Then, the Mom asked her to drink some from all three bowls. The daughter, looking at her mom like she was crazy took a sip from the water the carrots had been in.

The Mom asked, “How does it taste?”

The daughter said, “No real taste difference”

The Mom asked her to taste the water the eggs had been in and asked her, “How does it taste?”

The daughter said, “Like water”

Lastly, the Mom asked the daughter to taste the water the coffee beans had been in.

The aroma had already pulled the daughters attention anyway. She took a sip, and said, “It taste like coffee. What else would it taste like?”

The Mom smiled, asked her to sit back down, and said this, “Many times in life we find ourselves going through troubles, trials, and tribulations. That is what the hot water represents. Some people are like the carrots, they start off very hard and strong, but after facing those tough times, then end up very soft and weak. Others are like the eggs. They have a hard exterior and soft interior, and then after going through hard times, their shell softens, but they become hard on the inside. But finally, some people are like the coffee beans. They are the same before and after the hard times, because they change the hard times they are in and they handle them. The coffee bean’s texture did not change, but the hot water it was in did, and made the water better. You have a choice on which person you want to be.”

After that, the daughter’s grades increased, and she did in fact love again. She often had a huge smile as she enjoyed her coffee every morning.

Which one are you?


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