My "Big Night Out" a.k.a. Sleep Center Time!!

Ok, so I have pretty well documented on here and my Facebook page, some of the physical problems I've had over the past couple of years. Well, my doctor thinks my "extraordinary" sleeping habits have finally caught up to me. I can't argue, I have always known I was borrowing sleep and health against a promissory note that would have to be collected on someday. It seems lately, fate has decided to give me the receipt.

So tonight I am at a Sleep Clinic, and I have about an hour until I get hooked up to the machines. When I checked in, they asked me my normal weekend bed time, and my attendant's eyes got very big when I said, usually 2-4 AM. So she compromised and said they would hook me up at 10 and I should get some sleep. Which makes sense, so I don't have to come back, and they can get the proper readings.

I am not the kind of husband or father who spends time away from my family. I think most of my anxiety is that I am not with them. Part of me feels some guilt, like I have abandoned them because I am a broken man. This sucks.

I am hoping that this does get some concrete answers, and I can start on the road to simple things like a restful sleep. Plus it would be nice not to wake up with migraines, or in pain. Or sleep through the night.

I love my wife. I love my daughters. I have never apologized for that. If I had to rope the wind and wrestle the sun to make them smile, I would do it and make them dinner that same night.

Here's to hoping tonight is the first step down the right path. I have to be honest in how I am feeling, so I can correct the path, and have my body do SOMETHING normal :)

-Until the Wheels Fall Off


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