Frustration, Frustration, and wait...oh yeah, Frustration

Hey True Believers,

So I am dealing with this foot pain that is kicking my a$$ physically and emotionally. Yesterday I walked on the treadmill at an incline, and it stretched out my foot and felt good. I then used a frozen water bottle and iced and rolled it under my foot. Check out the video blog below....

Thank you for stopping by and checking it out.
-Until the Wheels Fall Off


  1. Good luck today! BTW, if you can stretch your foot after sitting, before you get up, this will hopefully help. I stretch mine off and on as I sit all the time, before I get up, and every time I take the stairs, I hang it off a step and stretch it. So sorry you have to battle this. The DR. will hopefully answer any questions and get you going in a good direction towards pain free feet.

  2. Hey Corey, sorry to hear about your injury. Hopefully the Doctor can tell you what it is and help you out. It was smart of you to make that appointment. It must be frustrating though to not be able to run. I recently had to take time off because of shin splints. Hang in there! it will get better.

  3. Sorry, I read this before I read what you wrote on Dailymile. At least you know what th eissue is and how to take care of, I guess you just need to take care of yourself and be patient...easier said than done, huh?


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