…And My World Was Just Rocked a.k.a. My 10K Race into the Twilight Zone

So this Saturday is the Rodes 10K, (the 2nd Leg of the Triple Crown). And I am the type of runner who doesn't study/memorize race maps, or go and run the course ahead of time, because I really like to be in the moment of the run, as I run somewhere I haven’t been before and enjoy the scenery.

But I happened to look at the map, because this will be the longest race I have done, and the first one, that the start and finish are not in the same place. Well, having my support team of my Beautiful, Pregnant wife and our Ultra-Supportive daughters (who have a race that day, after mine), means mapping things out so they can make it to the finish line to see me cross. I pulled up the map and something SCREAMED out at me. I noticed I will run the perimeter of the cemetery where my Dad is buried. My Father, who passed on my 22nd birthday, was always my best friend and biggest fan. Trust me when I say this, if I have any traits/qualities/attributes that you like, I got them/learned them from my Father and his lessons.

Now I am a Husband and Father…neither one was he alive to see me become. Also now I am a Runner…he used to be so proud of me when I told him about my Track Meets when I was in College, and I have always felt like he would have enjoyed seeing me run. Plus right after my race, I will get the privilege and honor to cheer on my girls as they run their respective races.

The first time I ever saw my daughters run in races of their own, I cannot begin to describe the happiness I had for them. More than just being proud of them, I was so happy at how proud of themselves they felt. Their faces, when they realized they were getting a medal, is forever etched in my heart. The fact that they have not only been my best cheerleaders (with all due respect to my wife lol), but they have embraced running for their own, makes me feel like I am doing something right.

So I will run past my Dad on Saturday...then I will be the Father watching His children run past him….

I understand, if a lot of what I am saying makes no sense. But if you EVER get the rare chance to stand in the middle of the Full Circle of Life and are able to clearly glance at what was behind you and start to see glimpses of what lies in front of you, as well as appreciate where you are now…and see the connections in all of them; you know what I am talking about.

For those that will be running in the race on Saturday, when we run around Cave Hill, if you see BIB #6519 with tears in his eyes…it’s okay..It’s just one of those rare times a person is able to appreciate: Where they have come from, who brought them here; who they are now, and who is patient enough to be with them; and the person you are trying to become, while being the best that you can be for those around you.

-Until The Wheels Fall Off
-Corey, The Illuminati Runner


  1. Best of luck Corey! You're getting me all sorts of emotional today! haha

    I can't imagine the powerful moment you will experience being in that moment but I'm sure it will do nothing less than drive you and energize you on race day.

    So proud to "know" you! :-)

  2. I, along with Ayanna, Annabelle, 3Bird, and Q are extremely proud of you!

    You are not only accomplishing what you have set yourself to do, but doing it better than you could of ever imagined.

    I love you and I will always love watching you go on the start line and watching you finish!

  3. Makes perfect sense to me. You have a rare gift, friend, of a supportive family and a heart to always be your best. It's lovely that you can see the arc of your life in this lovely way. Well done.

  4. Goodluck Corey. I am more than 100% sure that even though your Dad is no longer here in person he will be looking on in spirit so proud of his son and his accomplishments.

  5. Wow...chills as I read that. Corey you are amazing and what a great thing for you and your girls and wife to experience!

    You are truly blessed!

  6. Thank you all so much!! Once I setlled down from Saturday's Race, I plan on writing about the experience.


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