Corey's Healthy Fish & Chips

This is a healthy alternative to the fried version, and has much more flavor without killing sodium levels. This literally came to me as I was driving home (most of my creative food ideas do...I'm like Iron Chef lol) Feel free to adjust how you would season either the fries or the fish. All I know is, there are NO leftovers, and my daughters had two servings of fish!

Frozen Tilapia Fillets
2 Large Sweet Potatoes
Olive Oil
Cooking Oil Spray
Garlic Salt
Other Seasonings to Taste
Prep Time: However long it takes you to slice Potatoes into fry shapes; 5-10 minutes on preparing fish in Aluminum Foil Pouches

-Preheat oven to 450
-Spray cooking spray on the baking sheet. Slice your sweet potatoes. Then put the sweet potato slices on the sheet. Drizzle olive oil (not a lot). then season how you want (I used Garlic Salt, and some of my own dry rub seasoning). Sit the baking sheet to the side.
-However many tilapia there are, tear that many sheets of Aluminum foil. Place fish in center of Aluminum Foil Sheet, rub both sides with a little olive oil and then season both sides as well and fold foil into pouches, close and place fish in oven. Then sheet of fries.
-After 15 minutes, take fries out and turn fries over and cook for another 15 Min. At the end of the second 15 minutes, the entire meal is done.
-My listing feeds a family of four (well, four and a half) :)

So basically, your only prep time is slicing sweet potatoes, because the fish goes from freezer to foil :) Enjoy!!


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