My Louisville Waterfront Challenge Race Video Recap

Hello True Believers!

    Because I wanted to try something different, here is my race recap, via video. Below are some pictures of the day :)

Me, pre-race at home, before heading out!

Going up the Water Slide

It was so long, I couldn't even get it all in one shot!

The Finish Line

Me and of the most kindhearted people you will EVER meet! This has become our Waterfront Challenge traditional pre-race handshake!

Me and Allison's Husband Daniel....standing next to him I was reminded I need to hit the gym HARDER! :)
Me with my new Bling!
-Until The Wheels Fall Off


  1. The picture of you & Alison could be from the 80's with all that bright neon :)

    I loved the video recap! :) I totally laughed HARD at the line "I was hoping for a mugging so I could get a piggy back ride" :) haha!!! You are awesome!

    Great job!

    I was photographing a wedding, or we would have been down there!

    Good luck on the training for the 2 halfs... I'm looking so forward to the Big Hit!!! My ultimate fav race :)

  2. SO awesome, and inspiring as always! Congrats!!

  3. so i am WAY late to the party here but I loved your video recap!its nice to hear and see the voice behind the words!!!
    and yes,you had me laughing when you mentioned about how its always longer to walk back to the car AFTER the race,than when you get TO the race!
    heres hoping for some more good races for you!!!


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