My Weight Loss Journey...I need to learn to be proud of myself!

Hello True Believers!

                So I have been working on a LOT since last I wrote. My weight loss journey has exceeded what I thought I was capable of. Also, I am on verge of completing my Personal Trainer Certification, and I still maintain my 3.96 GPA at Kaplan as I pursue my Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Health. My ultimate goal is to be a Certified Personal Trainer who is also a Registered Dietitian. I want to be someone who can help others with more than just working out, but making a complete lifestyle change and bring motivation to them.

                So New Year’s Eve 2012, I was fed up. I hated that people called me “Big Guy”, or “Big Man” I knew I was better than my almost 260 pounds frame. I also knew if my future as a registered dietitian and Personal Trainer would have a hope of being successful, I needed to lose weight and appear healthy to potential clients. In one of my classes, I came across a wonderful phone app, My Fitness Pal. In the week we used it for a project, I lost 5 pounds. Not from changing what I ate, but from having the knowledge of things like portions of what I ate, the amount of carbs, proteins, iron and fat of what I ate. No more guessing or assuming, or believing the over-the-top labels. No more trying fad things that simply do not work in the long term sense.

                In addition to this mental change, my wife, Damary decided she was fed up with herself as well and wanted a change. So I introduced My Fitness Pal to her, and we both decided that was the heaviest we would ever be. No more would we be ashamed of ourselves, or make excuses for our appearance.

                So over these past 6 months, I have dropped to 213 and my overall goal is 200. I feel better and have shaved minutes off of my minute per mile pace and the best part is how proud our young daughters are of my wife and I, and I love how the fact the Oldest Super Princess was bragging to me to her class and her teacher the other day and couldn’t wait to tell me about it.

                So these are progressive pics of me along my journey. I have JUST, at the ripe age of 40, started to realize my God given ability to inspire others and help them to achieve the success that they deserve. To help them with answer, facts and to help them discover the inner warrior inside of them.


                I hope you all are doing well, and if you need a personal trainer, please keep me in mind! J I plan on being able to help people over the internet as well as locally!

-Until the Wheels Fall Off



  1. You and Damary's journey is inspiring. Keep up the awesome work, and don't forget to stop and take the time to be proud of yourself and see how far you have come!

  2. both you and damary are doing amazing!!!!!!!
    and i have no doubts you will be an awesome life/wellness coach and personal trainer. one thing you have n your favor,is your journey,your experiences--both you and damary have a story that so many can relate too,that many may be living right now--being overweight and wanting to do something,but not knowing where to start. your experiences as a person,as a father,as a runner,as a hard worker...will all play to your advantage in your career choice. those who are seeking to get the help they need from a trainer/coach are more likely to listen better and stay focused more by having someone who has been in there shoes guide them-as opposed to some other trainer who has never experienced how it feels to be overweight,who doesnt have children or had another job outside of personal fitness.

    i have to agree with laura says-you and damary are inspiring,so keep up your amazing work and be proud of how far youve come. the best is yet to be!



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