My 1st EMDR Session with my Psychiatrist...Video Blog

Hello True Believers,

    Due to the slight disorientation I'm still feeling from yesterday's EMDR session, I video blogged instead of writing. Please enjoy.

One Step At A Time,


  1. Hey Corey! Good to see you back in blogger land!
    Thank you for being so transparent about your journey through bipolar and pstd. My sister was diagnosed with bipolar disorder about 20 years ago and it has been a long hard road for her and our family. Thankfully she got her life turned around about 7 years ago and has finally realized to embrace who she is and lean on others for support as well as trust the medications. I think you are doing a wonderful job at explaining your story and for being able to seek help yet continue to be such a positive influence for not only your amazing wife and children but for others as well!!!
    Please please continue to be transparent and a source of encouragement for others as I know your story will touch the lives and help those who are traveling a similar journey!
    Sending love and encouragement from our family to yours!


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