My 3rd Psychiatry Appointment and my M.D. Follow Up About My Meds

Hello True Believers,

      Well it has been a pretty good couple of weeks. The meds I am on are helping me. One, I'm ACTUALLY dreaming for the first time since I was a kid. The Seroquel truly helps me stay sleep and stops my mind from racing at night, which is part of dealing with my Bipolar and PTSD. The Lamictal helps to even out my days, with the Bipolar. Before, if I was having a good day and something bad happened, I let it ruin my entire day, and I would shut down and think the worst outcome. I have encountered some bad news in the middle of my day, and the medicine as well as the coping techniques I have learned, helped me get past it and still enjoy my day.

      During my psychiatry appointment yesterday, my psychiatrist REALLY help me to feel better about who I am. She used some positive reinforcement for me to NOT think of myself in the words that most of my family has told me since I was born. She told me that I should see myself as a wonderful husband and Father. That I am not the disgusting, gross person I see when I look in the mirror. She also said the goal of our sessions is that she wants me to leave hopeful each time, and I told her that I do. She said she wants to do a couple of more sessions before we start the EMDR, because she wants to be an outlet for me to talk about these things that have/continue to happen to me. I truly appreciate it....I haven't ever had anyone that I could fully talk to about the things that have happened to me.

     Then she said something to me when I left, that made my day. She said that I am her favorite patient. She may have just been saying that, but it really made me not feel broken. It made me feel like a positive shine of light was coming through all of this fog.

    So 3 sessions with my psychiatrist I am feeling pretty good. I know it is the start, and the hard part is to come, when we delve into the EMDR part of this, because I will have to rip open some emotional band-aids and face the PTSD pain that I deal with. If you are also Bipolar and or PTSD, please share your experiences. We are all in this together. Much Love.

May U All Live 2 See The Dawn,


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