It's 4, LET'S BLOG!!!

Hello Everyone!!

Ok so today was my Gram's wake. It has been a long day, and I was so proud of my daughters. Ayanna and Annabelle spent 8 hours at the funeral home today and were such good girls. At one point Annabelle, who was sitting in my lap asked me, "Papi, this is Heaven because Grandma Brown is over there." And she pointed to the casket. I thought it was the sweetest thing ever.

This entire week has been so up and down for me. I interviewed and got a new job, which I start on Monday. My Gram passed away. I received a RIDICULOUS amount of stress from a group of people that are old enough to know better, but are so intent on being selfish and putting on a show, that is is unreal. and my Gram would SOOO not be proud.

So I know I haven't talked about this is a while, but the EA Active 30 Day Challenge is working well for my wife and I. I posted pics of the workout I created. Well I have 2 more workouts I created. One is my Bball training and the other is what I call my "Hell of Sports". Here they are, if you want to copy them for your workouts. First up is my BBall Training

And now is my Hell Of Sports:
So if anyone else has created EA Active workouts, please share them. Plus my wife and I have 2 more workouts and we will have completed the 30 Day Challenge on Easy. Next up is 30 days of Custom and Pre-Made workouts, then we do the 30 Day Challenge on Medium. Damary and I were saying this is the first time we have ever done anything together and stuck with it. It really is neat. I have already lost almost 5% BMI, and a shirt I bought almost 2 weeks ago, is fitting my snug in the biceps, but loose in my stomach area. I am LOVING the results of this.
OK, I must also give some special thanks to some people. My friend Justin was a HUGE help to me. He provided me with some timely words of wisdom. He is one of my best friends, and this week has been there for me. Also, to my friend Dori. She has been so helpful to me it is unreal. And lastly, and most important: To my wife Damary. Thank you for making HUGE attempts at making my life easy this past week. Damary, I Love You!!
Ok, yes it is time for me to actually try and get some damn sleep. I should have more words of wisdom, but I don't. And I promise to spend more time blogging.
-Until the Wheels Fall Off


  1. congrats on doing so well with your active! Do you use the balance board with yours? I have a couple routines with mostly balance board I want to redo a little.


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