Random Fatherhood thoughts from the dome

So our oldest lost her first tooth on Monday night. We discovered it was loose on the way back from my brother-in-laws on Sunday. Actually I discovered the permanent tooth starting to come in, and felt the other tooth really loose.

The Tooth Fairy came to visit and left her a card and a whooping 5 bucks. The Tooth Fairy assured me this was the 1st time going rate. She was so excited to see her cad and box (to see if the tooth was gone).

That has NOTHING to do with what I am writing about, just wanted to mention that about our oldest daughter and how she is becoming a big girl!!

My point today is I need to do better as a Dad. While I don’t think I am a bad Papi, I just think I could and will do better. Damary and I just worked out a weekly time where there will be Papi-Daughters time. Yesterday I took the girls to McDonald’s play place (their favorite one) and we played and ate, and just talked. Mostly I listened. I have noticed that when you get some alone time with your children, they mostly want to be heard. I am hoping this translates to later on in their lives and they want to talk, they know that Papi will always listen.

For instance, my daughters ahve recently asked me to shave the hair off of my face and to let the hair on the top of my head grow (how they asked LOL). Regardless of what I want, I am doing it for them. They seem to like it so far. I think Damary put them up to it LOL

I only say this because I think Mom’s have it easier in this department. When you’re a Mom, you have built in wings and can do no wrong. But when you’re Dad, one or two mistakes and spouses and children alike are ready to brand you with a Red “A” across your chest. I recognize this and continue to always work hard at being good, without being jealous at how more easily accepted my wife’s mistakes are by the girls.

Whenever my time is up, I only want the girls, and Damary to know I was far from perfect, but I never stopped trying. More importantly, I never stopped improving, and they were the reason why. I will continue to try and nurture my relationship with my girls. I will continue to try and nurture my relationship with my wife. Even when doubters/haters/jealous types constantly are pulling on my happiness.

-Until the Wheels Fall Off


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