Looking At Things On The Other Side Of The Same Coin

I was staring at pictures of my family (as I always do), and instead of smiling at the smiles of my Super Princesses, I was hypnotized at my wife’s face. I have always thought, and tell her every chance I get, how beautiful she is, and how sexy I find her. But something different came over me. I looked at her face in the many pictures. The closest word is appreciation, but that is like saying the sun is kind of bright.

I look at my daughters, and looking past their infectious smiles, I see something else. I see well done hair styles, pretty dresses, wonderfully put together outfits, painted fingernails, toenails. I see the look they have when they are next to Damary. They love their Mami so much. And they should, she is wonderful. Yes, Damary loses her patience with the girls, but what Mom doesn’t?? The reason the girls look so put together on the outside, and are so full of love, silliness and hugs on the inside, is because of Damary’s Motherhood.

I know plenty of moms who look at their kids NOT like they are an extension of them. I mean, besides the obvious having brought the child into this world, any attitudes, good or bad, they got from you all, because your influence over your children cannot be measured. So when I hear people tell me how bad their 3 year old is, or how rude they are and have no idea where they got it from, I kind of look at them weird and wonder if they have missed the enjoyment/point of being a parent.

Whenever people tell me how loving, how nice, how sweet, how helpful the girls are, I always reply that they get that from Damary. Ayanna’s nurturing spirit (she always wants to take care of her little sister); Annabelle’s ability to be silly and loving, no matter what the situation?? Yeah, if you could split Damary in half, those are the traits you would have in each half.

I ADORE the way the girls climb on Mami in the morning. They want to hug, and kiss her into waking up. Or the excitement they get when it is Damary’s birthday, or its Christmas, or Valentine’s Day, Our Anniversary, or Mothers Day, and the girls come with me and are so meticulous in finding the perfect gift to give Mami from their little hearts. They get that from Damary, and the fact they want to make her so happy, because she does so much for them.

I know, like EVERYONE, Damary gets overwhelmed sometimes. I know she has doubts on whether she is a good parent, and I know she fills with pride when the girls conquer something. But I also hope, no I PRAY, that in these so important years of growth and development, she realizes how wonderful she is, and how wonderful our Super Princesses are BECAUSE, not in spite of, her abilities as a Mom.

I am amazed and blessed to be apart of the journey…

-Until the Wheels Fall Off


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