The Sleep Center Follow Up

Hey Everyone,

So today was my Sleep Study Follow Up, and funny thing was I thougt I would walk in and he say I was fine, or maybe at most I had some minor snoring problems. I am not really used to getting any answers. I've had migraines forever, I never had restful sleep, I had a minor heart attack a year and a half ago, I have high blood pressure, but no one knows why and above all I have never had answers....until today.

The doctor told me that my body, basically wakes itself 10 times an hour, yeah so every 6 minutes. Plus, I have obstructed sleep apnea (I completely stop breathing) 13 times a night, and have severe constricted apnea (partial to mostly) 10 an additional 10 times a night. My O2 levels drop to 86%.

Normally he would just advise a patient to lose weight, and set a plan, and then follow up in a year or two years, but he doesn't think I have that long (sobering moment that hit me hard...I thought of leaving Damary, or the Super Princesses, and my heart broke). So he is aggresively treating this. For starters I go back for a Sleep Study, but this time with a mask, in a few weeks. Then I follow up with him to see if I will need a CPap or a BiPap mask. On top of that, we will also work on me getting rid of the weight.

Looking at my results, he said this would take care of my migraines and high blood pressure, and this is what majorly caused my minor heart attack.

The most surreal part of the whole thing was just how serious this is. How much I have basically been on borrowed time, and to actually hear someone put a serious look at my mortality was hard.

I am most thankful I have the information, and that I will beat this. I am just shaken up and taken back by the realness and severity of this.

-Until The Wheels Fall Off (which better not be for a while)


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