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Happy Father's Day!!!


So this makes my 5th Father's Day, and I must say it is a nice feeling. I think Dad's are a little different (okay a LOT different) than women. For Mother's Day, it is generally understood the focus is to pamper Mom. To elevate her onto a throne and pedestal (and yes, Mom's you deserve it, I firmly believe that). But with Dad's it's a little different, and hard to explain. Let me try.

I'll use baseball as an analogy/example. Whether a pitcher pitches a shut out or a no-hitter, or when the last pitch is thrown in the World Series, ever notice, even though all of the attention, accomplishment, and spotlight is on that that pitcher, he runs to one person on the field. Every time! It is the Catcher. You know why (and no, I am not just partial because that's the position I've always played, even in pick-up softball games lol)? Because, as some of you may know, the Pitcher and Catcher are known as a Battery. Negative, positive, existing…

1st 30 Day Challenge COMPLETE!!

Above is me when I started the 30 Day challenge exactly 30 Days ago today. This was after my first workout.

This was me halfway through the 30 Day Challenge. Notice the difference in the arms and the toning. Clothes started feeling loose on me.

This is me after the last workout of the 30 Day Challenge. I have lost almost 5% BMI, and about 3 inches from my waist. Not bad considering I had it on Easy Setting. Next 30 Days, Damary and I are going to do Custom and Preset workouts. Then we'll do the 30 Day Challenge on Medium. So I will continue to monitor my progress. The one thing Damary and I talked about is how this becomes addictive. How much fun it is for us to do it together, and how it is only asking 30 minutes 4 times a week. I would love to see anyone else's before, during, and (kind of) after pics and hear their experiences. I am glad to be making this positive change in my life, as well as continuing it. These small changes in the picture may mean nothing to you, but to me, …

It's 4, LET'S BLOG!!!

Hello Everyone!!

Ok so today was my Gram's wake. It has been a long day, and I was so proud of my daughters. Ayanna and Annabelle spent 8 hours at the funeral home today and were such good girls. At one point Annabelle, who was sitting in my lap asked me, "Papi, this is Heaven because Grandma Brown is over there." And she pointed to the casket. I thought it was the sweetest thing ever.
This entire week has been so up and down for me. I interviewed and got a new job, which I start on Monday. My Gram passed away. I received a RIDICULOUS amount of stress from a group of people that are old enough to know better, but are so intent on being selfish and putting on a show, that is is unreal. and my Gram would SOOO not be proud.
So I know I haven't talked about this is a while, but the EA Active 30 Day Challenge is working well for my wife and I. I posted pics of the workout I created. Well I have 2 more workouts I created. One is my Bball training and the other is what I …

R.I.P. Gram.....Thank you

Above is a picture of my Gram and me, from my first Christmas. I was a little over 2 months old. From my Twitter, Facebook, and My Space updates, all of you know that she passed away around 10:oo PM on Tuesday June 9th 2009. She was 91 years old. Alberta Brown (my Gram) was survived by her 1 sister, 5 children, and 5 grandchildren, and I can't even count how many great-grandchildren. I know I am not including extended family in that, but I'd be typing for days. As some of you may know, Gram was always an important person in my life. The two people who have ever loved me unconditionally, always, are now in Heaven: my Dad and now Gram. As a kid, I never fit in. I was never in the cool club (still not), I was never picked first for anything. I always felt different from everyone, and that something was wrong with me. Well my Gram helped me to understand that being different isn't bad. And with patience I would see that being different is what people of character h…

Good Days and more EA Active Fun!!

Hello Fatherverse Inhabitants!!

Ok, so today some AWESOME news came my way. I interviewed for a job that would benefit my family on so many levels. One, it is a well paying job, and two, it is in the same building as my, Beautiful Wife. So that means we can carpool and save money on gas, and the daycare we picked out for the girls when we moved to Louisville, is close to our workplace. So getting this job would mean SOOO much more for us.

Well 10 minutes into the interview, she told me how well I presented myself. I have to admit, going into the interview, I was "in the zone", or what I like to call, focused like Kobe. I had done my research on the company, I had mentally run through the interview in my head many times, and knew I would leave the interview leaving everything on the table.

Well, I was the first of 3 interviews and was told I would find out later tonight (my interview was at 4:30). I got a call around 7:30 telling me that I GOT THE JOB!!! I have spent so much of …

Great Deals!!

Hello Everyone!!

So I am going to include a section to the side (like I said, this is always a work in progress!!) where I will have links to websites I think we all can use and enjoy. The one I am talking about today is No, they aren't paying me anything at all for mentioning them. They started following me on Twitter about a week ago. I checked out their site, and they have some AWESOME deals for yourself or for gift giving without breaking your wallet.

When I come across any great websites like that, I will share them with everyone. Also, whenever you come across some great websites, whether shopping, or anything else, please let me know and I will share them with everyone.

Oh, and for those keeping track at home. I am halfway through the EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge. I missed my 2 week weight loss goal by .03 pounds. It is going well, and I am feeling better, as well as clothes are fitting better. I am glad that I am taking a step in the right directi…