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This is where we are right now.

Hi Everyone…Damary here.

Well it has been an extremely emotional 24 hours for me and the rest of The Queens. I know that some of you have heard part of the story and some have heard nothing and both just have questions.

This is my attempt to try to answer those and to please ask each and every one of you to please have our family and 3Bird in your prayers.

Now onto what happened….

Sunday night around 7pm I noticed I was having some vaginal bleeding. Being that I am only about 5 ½ weeks this was very worrisome and we quickly got the girls and headed to the ER. The first ER stated it would be SEVERAL hours before they could see me. Both Corey and I didn’t feel comfortable waiting that long and we went to a different ER.

At the new ER they saw me within the hour. They took blood and performed an ultrasound. During the ultrasound the tech was not able to locate a heartbeat (which at this point we are still thinking positively because I am still so early). I go back to the room and Corey and I…

Podiatrist Follow Up

Well, today was my follow up with my Podiatrist, and I went into it not expecting to leave wearing two shoes:)

I did explain to him about a couple of mornings of walking Jax and forgetting to put my boot on, and how it had been REALLY hurting since then.

He says the Plantar Faciitis isn’t heeling that quickly, but he thinks it is attributed to the possible Heel Fracture. He did some poking and prodding (LOVED THAT…REALLY I DID….still throbbing in pain), and said it also seems like Heel Edema which is fluid buildup…which make sense because of the heel fracture. He ordered an MRI, since he said we had given it long enough for everything to heal, or really start healing. Once he gets the MRI back to see how bad the fracture is determines what happens next.

He said it was no problem with my walks and my cycling and that it is fine (for those who have questioned my sanity on doing them) So I keep doing what I am doing until then.

-Until the Wheels Fall Off

P.S. – Have I mentioned my wife …

Life...God, 3Bird, and Jax

Hey True Believers,

Ok, at this point, I think everyone knows that Damary and I are pregnant. Quick back story...we first started talking about our timeline/plan of getting pregnant about 6 months ago. We had been trying for a couple of months. Further backstory, both Ayanna and Annabelle have had nicknames when they were in Damary's womb. Ayanna was "Peanut" (for the way she looked in the first ultra sound), and since we didn't know her gender (even after 3 Ultra sounds) we called her that the entire pregnancy. Annabelle was "Sweet Pea" and that has always stuck. Well, when we spent those months planning, for some reason Bob Marley's "3 Little Birds" kept playing in my head. Maybe it was the chorus, "Don't worry about a thing, 'Cause every little thing gonna be all right." that God was reminding me to put my trust in him and relax about the details. So, the nickname "3Bird" was born. Also, fitting because this is ou…

Nothing like Getting Gut-Punched When You Have Your Guard Down

*Sigh* I had my physical therapy (PT) yesterday, as usual. I get treated by two people who alternate. Well, my physical therapist yesterday, as usual, asked me, first thing, if I had been good (apparently I have a MINOR reputation of being stubborn….0k, stop smiling,, moving on, nothing to see here). Then she said, she heard that I am looking to do a marathon in May. I told her, yes, May is 9 months from now. She said, while she thinks my determination and dedication are admirable, she doesn’t think I will be ready.

She thinks if the marathon is in 9 months, I would need to start fully training now (because I guess what I had been doing since April, to prepare for Nov/Dec marathons was absolutely nothing – logging 25-40 miles a week), and I won’t be ready for it. I am not sure if she means I, as a person will not be able to handle it, or I, as in my injuries (Plantar Faciitis and Hell Fracture) won’t be up to the strain. BUT THAT’S NINE MONTHS AWAY?!?!?! So in one silent swoop, she has…

Blink One Second Around Here, and EVERYONE is either in a Boot or a Cast!!

So Injury Update: Physical Therapy has been going well. I have even gained some range of motion back. Good News ends there: my PT says that it looks like the Plantar Faciitis may heal soon (relatively speaking), but the fractured heel is what is going to be a long term healing problem.

I have already accepted the fact when I see my Podiatrist next week; I will be leaving his office STILL in this boot. I have also accepted that my what would have been my first ½ and Full Marathons (Nov and Dec, respectively), I won’t be properly healed and have my miles back up to be ready for them. I have now changed my sites for my first Marathon being the Flying Pig in Cincinnati on May 1st of 2011. The day before there are kids’ races that the girls can do, so we will have a weekend out of it!

Speaking of my Super Princesses…Ayanna fractured her wrist yesterday at the after care at school. God Bless Her Heart and Her Courage. I got there just a few minutes after it happened and she was cry…