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Boodwork Results...after 3 Months

So I haven't has a chance to really sit down and write since Adrianna was born. Life, these past 2 months, have been ever changing and non-stop, and aboslutely wonderful. I am so thankful.

I sit, just a week and a half away from my first Half-Marathon (yeah, I did a Marathon first, and NOW I'm doing a half lol), I turned 39 on the 17th, and just 3 and a half weeks away from my second Half Marathon...which brings me to the point of this whole thing...

For the past 3 months, I have been getting my bloodwork checked (check previous, i.e. the last posting) for my CPK levels, because they have been dangerously elevated. Well, while on my run on my birthday, I got a call from the doctor's office saying that he wants to see me tomorrow (yesterday) to discuss "the next step".

So I haven't really talked about this whole thing over the past few months, because the focus (as should be) has been on Adrianna coming into the world and the fact that Ayanna started 1st grade an…